26th Convergence India 2018 Expo
07 - 09 March 2018
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
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List of Participants - 2017

Name Country Hall Booth Website
*astTECS India 11 C55 www.asttecs.com
10000Show Network Technology China www.10000Show.cn
18th Parallel Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E149 www.18thparallel.com
2N Czech Republic 9 A1
Aai On Automations India 11 C80A www.aaion.in
Aavishkar India 12A E210 www.aavishkarmediagroup.com
Absolute Factor India www.absolutefactor.com
ABV International Singapore www.abvtc.com
Accent Info Media Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E204 www.smechannels.com
Accord Power Converison Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E143 www.accordpower.in
Ace Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B70 www.acemicroelectronics.com
Acme IT Solutions LLP India POD www.acmeitservices.com
AC-UNION Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C106 www.ac-union.com
Advantech Wireless Canada 12 D110 www.advantechwireless.com
Aeris Communications India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C67 www.aeris.net
Aether American Exports & Imports India 12A E201 www.aetheraei.com
Aggressive Digital Systems Pvt. Limited India 12A E115 www.aggressiveems.com
Aishwarya Technologies and Telecom Limited India 11 C22 www.aishwaryatelecom.com
AJA Video Systems USA 12A E153 www.aja.com
Ajeevi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India POD www.ajeevi.com
Albedo Telecom Spain 9 A8 www.albedotelecom.com
Alcon Wireless Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B16 www.alconwireless.co.in
Aliance PR India www.proalliancepr.com
ALitech India LLP India 12A E128 www.alitech.com
All India Aavishkar Dish Antenna Sangh India 12A E210 www.aavishkarmediagroup.com
Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C89 www.alliancekolkata.com
Alliance Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C21 www. alliance-infotech.com
Almighty Techserv India 11 C5 www.wirelesssolutions.in
Alpha Technologies Inc. USA 10 B34 www.alpha.com
Altius Digital Private Limited India 12 D65 www.altiusdigital.com
Ambujex TechnologiesPvt. Ltd. India 12A E223 www.ambujex.com
Amson Interconnect Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B65 www.amson.in
AnaCom, Inc. USA 12A E44 www.anacominc.com
Anritsu Company USA 11 C72 www.anritsu.com
Anritsu Corp Japan 11 C72 www.anritsu.com
Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C72 www.anritsu.com/en-IN
Anstel Private Limited India 11 C60B www.autonautics.com.au
AOA Technology Co.,Limited China 11 C127 www.aoatech.com
Apalya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E193 www.apalya.com
Appear TV Norway 12 D40 www.appeartv.com
Apps World Magazine India www.appsworldmag.com
APT Prosper Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C109 www.apttek.com.cn
ASC Signal -CPI USA 12 D110 www.cpii.com
Asia Cloud Computing Association Singapore www.asiacloudcomputing.org
Asia Media Network Hong Kong www.asiamedianet.com
Asia Pacific Newswire India www.asiapacificnewswire.com
Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) India www.apscc.or.kr
Aspera (an IBM Company) USA 10 B7 www.asperasoft.com
Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. India 11 C73 www.amtron.in
Association of Geospatial Industries India www.agiindia.com
ATCOM China 11 C24 www.atcom.cn
Ateme S.A France 12A E250 www.ateme.com
Atlinks Asia Limited Hong Kong 12A E186 apac.alcatel-business.com/ap-en
ATOM Technologies India 12A E11 www.atomtech.in
Atop Communication Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E10 www.atoponline.com
ATX Networks Canada 12A E198 www.atxnetworks.com
Aukey International Limited China 10 B68 www.aukey.com
AutomationConnect India www.AutomationConnect.com
autoX India www.autox.in
Avalon Electronics UK 11 C14
Avcom of Vigina, Inc. USA 12A E39 www.avcomofva.com
Avl Technologies USA 12A E38 www.avltech.com
Axcess IO India 11 C66A www.axcess.io
Axiom Energy Conversion Limited India 12 D25 www.axiomenergy.co.in
Ayecka Inc Israel 12A E40 www.ayecka.com
Barnfind Technologies Norway 10 B7 www.barnfind.no
Beijing AuraStar Technologhy Inc China 12A E134 www.aurastar.cn
Beijing Huahuan Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 10 B25 www.huahuan.com
Beijing Novel Super Digital TV Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E106 www.novel-supertv.com
Beijing Orient View Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E89 www.orientview.com
Beijing Telesea Technologies Development Co., Ltd. China 11 C171 www.xhxtt.com
Beijing Teletest Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C164 www.teletest.cn
Berg Insight AB Sweden www.berginsight.com
Bestonet Technology Co., Limited India 12A E34B www.netusgo.com
Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C77 www.beyondevolution.in
Bhumi Entech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E183 www.bhumientech.com
BIS Research USA www.bisresearch.com
Bktel Germany 12 D19 www.bktel.com
BlueMark Software Pvt. Ltd. India www.bluemarksoft.com
BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C234 www.bluepiit.com
Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C9 www.braintechnosys.com
Broadband India Forum India 12A E215 www.broadbandindiaforum.com
BROADCAST & CABLESAT : ADI Media India 12A E212 www.broadcastandcablesat.co.in
Bugfree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India POD www.bugfreetechnologies.com
Business Headlines India www.businessheadlines.in
Business Highlights India www.businesshighlights.in
Business Investments India www.businessinvestments.in
Business Newswire India www.businessnewswire.in
Business Observer India www.businessobserver.in
Business Overview India www.businessoverview.in
Business Wire India India www.businesswireindia.com
Cable Operators Federation of India (COFI) India 12A E218 www.cofiindia.org
Cable Quest Satcom Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E218 www.cablequest.org
Cambium Networks USA 9 A6 www.cambiumnetworks.com
Candid Optronix Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B44 www.optronix.in
Carefiber Optical Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C176 www.carefiber.com
Casa Systems USA 12A E16 www.casa-systems.com
Casa Systems Inc. USA 11 C138 www.casa-systems.com
CASBAA Hong Kong www.casbaa.com
Castpal Technology Inc.,Shenzhen China 12A E71 www.castpal.com
Catvision Limited India 12A E85 www.catvisionindia.com
CCAOI India www.ccaoi.in
CCBN Organizing Committee,SAPPRFT China 12A E207 www.ccbn.tv/en
CCL Optoelectronics Private Limited India 10 B5 www.cclopto.com
Central Asian Cellular Forum Pakistan www.3gca.org
Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT ) India 11 C81 www.cdot.in
Changzhou Myway Electronics Co., Ltd. China 10 B28 www.tech-myway.com
Channel Master Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D11 www.channelmaster.in
Chengdu Bright Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China 11 C205 www.b-fiber.com
Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Co. Ltd China 11 C256 www.datangcable.com
Chengdu Guangda New Newwork Technology Co.,Ltd. China 12 D18 www.catvgd.com/en
ChengDu HTLL Electronical Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C41 www.cnhtll.cn
Chengdu Huajing Keli Industry Co.,Ltd. China 11 C161 www.huajingkeli.com
Chengdu KT Electronic Hi-tech Co., Ltd. China 12 D15 www.ktcatv.com
Chengdu SoChuang Electronics Co., Ltd. China 12A E125 www.sochuang.com
Chengdu Xing Xing Rong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C208 www.xxrtx.net/en/index.jsp
Chengdu Xinruixin Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C253 www.xrxopticalcom.com
China Cloud Electro Optics Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C233 www.cceo.cc
ChinaNewswire.com Hong Kong www.chinanewswire.com
ChinaTechNews.com Hong Kong www.chinatechnews.com
ChinaWirelessNews.com Hong Kong www.chinawirelessnews.com
Cine Soft P Ltd. India 12A E28 www.dwansupportspltd.co.in
Cineom Broadcast India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E153 www.cineom.com
Cisco India 12A E65 www.cisco.com
Cixi Lenew Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A23 www.cxlexin.en.alibaba.com
Clixxo Broadband Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B56 www.clixxo.co.in
Clocate.com India www.clocate.com
CloudChinaData.com Hong Kong www.CloudChinaData.com
CMAI Association of India India 12A E216 www.cmai.in
Cnergee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A31 www.cnergee.com
C-Net Communication (India) Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D1 www.c-net.bz
COAI India www.coai.com
Cohesive Technologies (P) Ltd. India 9, 11 A1, C64 www.cohtechnologies.com
Comint Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C14 www.comintindia.com
Commscope Technologies, Ag Switzerland 12A E38 www.commscope.com
Communications Today : ADI Media India 12A E212 www.communicationstoday.co.in
Comnet Consultants India www.comnetconsultants.com
Comnet Exhibitions India www.comnetexhibitions.com
COMPUTEX Taiwan 10 B54 www.computextaipei.com.tw
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. USA 12A E42 www.comtechefdata.com
Conax India 12 D44 www.conax.com
Conduit Solutions and Technologies India 11 C239 www.consuitsolutions.in
Connection Technology Systems Inc. Taiwan 9 A49 www.ctsystem.com
Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) India www.ceama.in
ConvergencePlus India www.convergenceplus.com
Convergent India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C8 www.convergentindia.com
Corning India www.corning.com/opticalfiber
Corporate Headlines India www.corporateheadlines.in
Corporate Newswire India www.corporatenewswire.in
Corpus India 12A E18 www.corpus.com
Council of Power Utilities India www.indiapower.org
CPI Satcom Products USA 12A E45 www.cpii.com/satcom
CryptoGuard AB Sweden 12 D5 www.cryptoguard.se
Crystal USA 12 D110 www.crystalcc.com
CSINFOTEL Co., Ltd. South Korea 11 C186A www.csinfotel.com
CTC Technology Co.,Ltd. China 10 B72 www.e-ctc.com
Current Optronics Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E30 www.currentoptronics.com
Cyber Defense Magazine USA www.cyberdefensemagazine.com
Darkhorse India 10 B44
Datawind India 10 B61 www.datawind.com
DataWind Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.datawind.com
DCNET Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C122 www.dcnetindia.com
Decibel Technologies India 12 D110 www.decibeltech.in
Dektec Netherlands 10 B7 www.dektec.com
Deppa by Dream Tel India 10 B64 www.deppa.in
Deppa Ltd. Russia 10 B64 www.deppa.ru
Developing Telecom UK www.developingtelecoms.com
Developway Jordan www.developway.com
Deviser Instruments Inc. China 10 B44 www.deviserinstruments.com
DIGISOL Systems Ltd. India 10 B75 www.digisol.com
Digital Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. South Korea 12A E67 www.dmt.kr
Digital Terminal India 12A E226 www.digitalterminal.com
Digitata Mauritius 11 C239 www.digitata.com
Digium USA 9 A1
Dijital Yasam Journal (Digital Communication Technologies Expertise Journal) Istanbul www.tuyad.org/en
Dinstar China 10 B1 www.Dinstar.com
Dinstar c/o Cloud Infotech India 10 B1 www.cloudinfotech.co.in
D-Link India Ltd India 9 A34 www.dlink.co.in
Doel International Pvt. Ltd. India  10 B4 www.doel.in
Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd China 11 C33 www.qcybluetooth.com
Dongguan Jassonfiber Optoelectronics & Technological Co., Ltd. China 11 C133 www.jassonfiber.com
Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. China 11 C131 www.mnc-tek.com
Dongjie Optical Technology (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd China 11 C157 www.djoptical.com
Dream Tech Infotel Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B64 www.deppa.in
Eagontech South Korea 11 C186B www.ssmo.co.kr
Earda Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12A E22 www.eardatek.com
eGrove Systems India 11 C65A www.egrovesys.com
EIGEN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C76A www.eigen.in
eindiabusiness.com - Advent InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. India www.advent.co.in
EION Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.eionwireless.com
Elastix Ecuador 10 B3 www.elastix.com
Electro Systems Associates Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C62 www.esaindia.com
Electronic Industries Association of India India www.elcina.com
Elemental Technologies India 12 D32 www.elementaltechnologies.com
EM MEDIA LLP India 12A E225 www.electronicsmaker.com
Emaar Impex Private Limited India 11 C78 www.emaarindia.in
EnergyBots Private Ltd. India 11 C77A www.energy-bots.com
Enhanced Entertainment Edge Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E187 www.streetbirds.com
EnterprisechannelsMEA UAE www.ec-mea.com
EnterpriseITworld India www.enterpriseitworld.com
Environmental Technology, Inc USA 12A E38 www.networketi.com
Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. China 11 C36 www.eoptolink.com
Epygi USA 9 A1
ERisk Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C8 www.erisk.in
Escene Communication Co., Ltd. China 9 A44 www.escene.cn/en
Esconet Technologies Pvt Ltd India 9 A18 www.esc.co.in
Ess Em Kay Enterprises India 12A E123 www.smkent.in
E-Systemizer Tech Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C4 www.e-systemizer.com
ETL Systems UK 12A E43 www.etlsystems.com
Eurasia Observer India www.eurasiaobserver.com
EURO DIGITAL India 11 C230 www.eurodigital.in
Exalto Communication Technologies Private Limited India 12 D36 www.exaltocomtech.com
Excelocity Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.excelocity.com
EXFO Inc Canada 10 B44 www.exfo.com
Exza Infosystems Private Limited India 12A E75 www.exzainfo.com
Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C122 www.fanvil.com
Fiber Grid China 11 C213 www.fiber-grid.com
Fiberfox India Private Limited India 10 B51 www.fiberfox.net
Financial Headlines India www.financialheadlines.in
Financial Newswire India www.financialnewswire.in
Financial Observer India www.financialobserver.in
Financial Overview India www.financialoverview.in
Flexiguide Ltd UK 12A E38 www.flexiguide.com
Forbes & Manhattan Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.forbesmanhattan.com
Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C65 www.fortune-it.com
Foshan Dilong Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd. China 11 C202 fsdilong.en.alibaba.com
Frontier Trading Company India 11 C3 www.frontier518.com
Frost & Sullivan India ww2.frost.com
FTE UAE 11 C186A www.fteuae.com
Fujian Gui Comm - Tech Co.,Ltd. China 11 C135 www.fjguiguang.com
Fujikura Ltd. Japan 11 C102 www.fusionsplicer.fujikura.com
German Indian Business Center India 11 C60D
Gigac Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C210 www.gigac.com
Global Mobile Suppliers Association - GSA UK www.gsacom.com
Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd. China 12 D65 www.gospell.com
Gotech China 12 D21 www.gotechcn.cn
GrandStream USA 11 C64
Green Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B11 www.greentel-tech.com
Group CAHORS (TEK Components Pvt Ltd) India 10 B59 www.groupe-cahors.com
Guangdong Tumtec Communication Technology Co.,LTD China 11 C130 tumtec.en.alibaba.com
Guangzhou SIPU Communication Equipment Co,.Ltd. China 11 C25 gd-sipu.en.alibaba.com
Guangzhou V-Solution Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B20 www.v-solution.cn
Guilin G-Link Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C105 www.g-link.net.cn
GVF UK www.gvf.org
HAL Robotics India 11 C75 www.robotrack.net
Hangzhou Able Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. China 12 D23 www.ablecatv.com
Hangzhou Afson Cable & Wire Co.,Ltd. China 11 C116A www.afsoncable.com
Hangzhou DF Cable Co.,Ltd. China 11 C98 www.hzdfcable.com
Hangzhou Leite Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C27 www.hzleite.com
Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co.,Ltd China 11 C144 www.ptlcable.com
Hangzhou Xingfa Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. China 12A E20 www.xfcable.com
Harmonic Inc India 12A E1 www.harmonicinc.com
HDV Phoelectron Technology Ltd. China 10 B26 www.hdv-tech.com
Hebei Chaowei Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 12A E41 www.chaoweitx.com
Hefei MacroSilicon Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C240 www.macrosilicon.com
Hefei Vinncom S&T CO., Ltd. China 11 C40 www.vinncom.com
Henan Huachuang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 10 B30 www.hcoce.com
HERE India 11 C60A www.here.com
Hinen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. LTD China 11 C241 www.ce-link.com
HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12 D70 www.hisilicon.com
HomeGrid Forum USA www.homegridforum.org
Hongdian Corporation China 10 B31 en.hongdian.com
Horizon Broadcast LLP India 12A E77 www.horizonind.org
HTP (Suzhou) Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A46 www.htp.com.cn
Huaxingxinrui Communication Technology Group Co.,Ltd.  China 11 C254 www.hxxrgroup.com
Hubris Enterprises India 11 C24 www.hubrisindia.in
Hughes Communications India Limited India 12A E35 www.hughes.in
Hughes Systique Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B40 www.hsc.com
Hunan Guanglian Photoelectricity Technologies Co.,Ltd. China 9 A21 www.gl-fibercable.com
IABM UK www.theiabm.org
Iconwave Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E11 www.iconwavetech.com
Idatainsights.com India www.idatainsights.com
Idealens (Chengdu) Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C211 www.idealens.com
IHSEUSA USA 10 B7 www.ihseusa.com
Ilsintech Co Ltd South Korea 11 C1 www.ilsintech.com
Ilsintech Trading India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C1 www.ilsintech.com
Imagine Communications India 12 D52 www.imaginecommunications.com
Imex Systems Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.imexsystems.com
India Power India www.indiapower.org
Indian Cellular Association India www.ica-ind.org
Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. India www.Indiantelevision.com
IndiaTechOnline India www.indiatechonline.com
Industry Newswire India www.industrynewswire.in
Infokool Solution Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C232 www.infokool.com
Infonet Solutions India 11 C52 www.netstar.in
INNO Instrument Inc. South Korea 11 C84 www.innoinstrument.com
International Telecommunication Union Switzerland www.itu.int
Internet Service Providers Association of India India 12A E203 www.ispai.in
Invas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B44 www.invas.net
IoT – Internet of Things Corp USA www.iot.do
IoT Council Belgium www.theinternetofthings.eu
IoT India Magazine India www.iotindiamag.com
IoT Security Foundation UK www.iotsecurityfoundation.org
IPCOM China 12A E186 www.IP-COM.com.cn
IPLOOK Technologies Co., Ltd. China 11 C138 www.iplook.com
Irdeto B.V. Netherlands 12A E53 www.irdeto.com
Ishan Netsol Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B58 www.ishanitech.biz
IT Reseller News UAE www.itrportal.com
ITU-APT Foundation of India India www.itu-apt.org
IXIA USA 10 B44 www.ixiacom.com
Jaymit Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B36 www.jaymit.com
Jiangsu Chenyang Electron Co.,Ltd. China 10 B24 www.chenyangelec.com
Jiangsu Hengxin Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C250 www.hengxin.com
Jiangsu JST Radio Frequency System Co., Ltd. China 11 C258 www.jstcom.com.cn
Jiangsu Minshang Optoelectronics Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 12A E162
Jiangsu Tianxing Optpelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C148 www.tianxingtech.cn
Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C147 www.trigiant.com.cn
Jiangsu Unikit Optical Technologies Co., Ltd. China 10 B18 www.unikit.com.cn/en.html
Jiangsu Xixia Communication Co.,Ltd. China 11 C151 www.xixiatongxin.com
Jiangsu Yinhe Electroincs Co.,Ltd. China 12A E144 www.yinhe.com
Jiangxi Linktrend Cable Tech Co.,Ltd China 10 B29 www.wire-cable.com.cn
Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited China 11 C78 www.usriot.com
JRS Communication Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C59 www.adityanetworks.co.in
Kadium Ltd. UK
Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd India 11 C102 www.keithelectronics.com
Kenstel Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A40 www.kenstel.com
Kerlink France 11 C60E www.kerlink.fr
Keysight Technologies India Private Limited India 10 B42 www.keysight.com
Khushi Communications Private Limited India 9 A8 www.khushicomms.com
Kine Scope Electronics India 11 C180 www.kinelecindia.com
KNS Inc. South Korea 11 C186D www.kns-kr.com
Kukjae Optical Engineering South Korea 12A E182 www.kjoe.co.kr
Lantronix, Inc. USA 11 C76 www.lantronix.com
Lapcare India P Ltd. India 10 B65A www.lapcare.com
Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited India 12A E101 www.lripl.com
Ligowave USA 10 B65A www.rxinfotech.in
Liling FullRiver Electronic & Technology Limited China 11 C32 www.fullriver.com.cn
Logic Eastern India Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D100 www.logiceastern.com
LongXing China 11 C57 www.lxtelecom.com
Lootom Telcovideo Network Wuxi Co., Ltd. China 12A E135 en.lootom.com
Luoyang Hopu Optical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China 11 C170 www.lyhopu.com
m2m2iotpaper.com India www.m2m2iotpaper.com
Maheshwari Electronics & Cable TV Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E32 www.maheshwarielectronics.com
Maipu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C145 www.maipu.com
Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A10 www.MatrixComSec.Com
MediaBUZZ Singapore www.mediabuzz.com.sg
MediaTek India Technology Pvt. Ltd India 11 C68 www.mediatek.com
Meeami Technologies Private Limited India POD www.meeamitech.com
Mehta Infocomm Private Limited India 12 D19 www.mehtagroup.net
Mettle Networks India 11 C117 www.mettlenetworks.com
MianYang JianCheng Electronics Co., Ltd. China 11 C216 www.myjch.com
Micro Engineers India 11 C56 www.micro-engineers.com
Milesight China 10 B3 www.milesight.com
Mind Commerce USA www.mindcommerce.com
MOAI Electronics Corporation Taiwan  10 B4 www.g2t.com.tw
MOBI Antenna Technologies (SHENZHEN)Co., Ltd. China 11 C174 www.mobi-antenna.com
Mobilk Qatar www.mobilk.net
Mobinet UK 11 C239 www.mobinet.eu
Mobiotics IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E141 www.mobiotics.com
Mobotix Germany 10 B36 www.mobotix.com
ModuleTek International Co., Limited China 12A E152 www.moduletek-intl.com
Montage Technology China 12 D29 www.montage-tech.com
MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C182 www.mosopower.com
Motherson Invenzen Xlab Private Limited India 11 C80 www.mi-xlab.com
MSR IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C79 www.msrlimited.com
Mstar Semiconductor Inc Taiwan 12A E61 www.mstarsemi.com
Mukand Industries India 12A E192 www.mukandindustries.co.in
Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E190 www.multifi.in
Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C200 www.multilinkonline.com
MultiVirt India Private Limited India 12A E12 www.multivirt.com
MX-MDR Technologies Ltd. India 9 A38 www.mdrelectronics.com
My Mobile India 12A E209 www.mymobile.co.in
MYBOX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D75 www.mybox.net.in
Nanjing DVP OE Tech Co., Ltd. China 10 B12 www.njdvp.com
Nanjing Fiberlink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C156 www.fusion-splicer.cn
NanJing Hedot Network Technology Co. Ltd. China 11 C92 www.hdwljs.com
Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.,Ltd. China 11 C97 www.jilongfiber.com
Nano soft South Korea 11 C186C www.bfit.kr
NavSemi Technologies India 10 B34 www.navsemi.com
Netis China 10 B65A www.rxinfotech.in
Netis Systems Co., Ltd China 11 C214 www.netcoretec.com
Netmoon Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C94 www.netmoon.cn
Network Critical UK 11 C239 www.networkcritical.com
Newfiber Optical Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 11 C207 www.newfiber.net
Newtec Belgium 12A E8 www.newtec.eu
NEXEYA France 11 C14
NexTV News India India www.nextvindia.com
NEXTVISION India 12A E123 www.smkent.in
Niagara Video Corporation USA 10 B7 www.niagara-video.com
Ningbo GMF Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C184 www.gmftelecom.com.cn
Ningbo Jinze Telecommunication Equipment Co.,Ltd China 11 C92 www.chinajinze.com
Ningbo Latitude Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China 9 A24 www.nbleit.com
Ningbo Xinghua Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 12A E126 www.cnnbxh.com
Norsat International, Inc Canada 12A E38 www.norsat.com
Novella Satcoms Ltd UK 12A E38 www.novella.co.uk
Novelsat Israel 12 D110 www.novelsat.com
Novotronik Germany 12A E38 www.novotronik.de
NPort Networks Incorporation Taiwan 12A E169 www.nport.com.tw
Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. India www.ochre-media.com
Okanii Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.okanii.com
onem2m France www.onem2m.org
Onnet Systems India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E224 www.onnetsystems.net
Ontario Ministry of International Trade Canada 11 C69 www.ontarioexports.com
Open Mobile Alliance USA www.openmobilealliance.org
Optilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D11 www.optilinknetwork.com
Optimum Viking Satcom (India) Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E38 www.vikingsatcom.com
Optokon Czech Republic 11 C239 www.optokon.com
OPWILL Technologies (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. China 10 B22 www.opwill.com
Original Products Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C18 www.opplin.com
Osprey Video Inc. USA 10 B7 www.ospreyvideo.com
Panaccess Systems India 12A E136 www.panaccess.com
Panodic Electric (Hongkong) Limited China 12A E137 www.panodic.com/home.aspx
Paycable Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E34C www.paycable.in
Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Comway) India 11 C162 www.pelorus.in
Perfect Vision Manufacturing India 12 D24 www.perfect-vision.com
Perfectvision Manufacturing USA 12 D24 www.perfect-vision.com
Phoenix Audio Technologies USA 10 B7 www.phnxaudio.com
Phoneworld UAE www.phoneworld.com.pk
Pitch.Asia Hong Kong www.pitch.asia
Planetcast Media Services Limited (Formerly Essel Shyam Communication Limited) India 12A E232 www.planetc.net
Praniscom Cargo-zippers Pvt Limited India 12A E40 www.cargozippers.com
PranisKom Solutions Private Limited India 12A E40 www.praniskom.com
PurpleStream Convergence Private Ltd. India 12A E170 www.purplestream.com
PYLE USA 11 C39 www.pyleusa.COM
QNAP Systems, Inc. Taiwan 11 C10 www.qnap.com
Quales TV Spain 10 B7 www.quales.tv
Quectel Wireless Solutions India 11 C71 www.smetgroup.com
Quintech Electronics & Communications Inc USA 12 D36 www.quintechelectronics.com
R K Industries India 12A E31 www.starcabcable.com
R.U.R. Telenet Solutions P. Ltd. India 11 C26 www.rurtelenet.com
Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E186 www.radiant.in
Radiant Technologies India 11 C34 www.radianttechnologies.in
Rahul Commerce India 10 B7 www.rahulcom.com
Raidix International AG India 12A E230 www.primusitsolutions.com
Rajguru Distributors India 11 C235 www.rajgurudistributors.com
Rank Software Inc. Canada 11 C69 www.ranksoftwareinc.com
Ratansiri Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C26 www.ratansiri.com
Raycom Co., Ltd. China 11 C96 www.raycom.com.cn
ReliableSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D8 www.reliablesoft.co.in
Reliance Group India 11 C66 www.relianceada.com/ada/index.html
Revo Taiwan 11 C200 www.revo.tw
RF Design Germany 12A E40 www.rf-design-online.com
RiDSYS India 12A E191 www.ridsys.com
Rongming Communication (Sichuan) CO.,LTD China 11 C31 scrongming.en.alibaba.com
Rudraksha Technology Private Limited India 12A E180 www.rtpl.co.in
Rx Infotech P Limited India 10 B65A www.rxinfotech.in
S. V Trade Impex India 11 C16 www.floridacatv.com
Safeview Media Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E115 www.safeviewtv.com
Safritel Internet Canada 11 C69 www.safritelinternet.com
Saimaa Technologies / Saibaba Infocom India 12 D50 www.saimaatech.com
SamaTech Saudi Arabia www.samatech.com.sa
Samir Computers India 11 C8 www.samirautomation.com
San Jose Technology, Inc. Taiwan 9 A45 www.sanav.com
Sandmartin International Holdings Limited Taiwan 12A E115 www.sandmartin.com.hk
Sangoma Technologies c/o Cloud Infotech India 11 C173 www.cloudinfotech.co.in
Sangoma Technology Canada 11 C173 www.sangoma.com
Satcom Ground Systems Pvt Ltd India 12A E14
Satellite@internetindia India 12A E228 www.satiitv.com
satellitetoday.com UK www.satellitetoday.com/via-satellite-magazine
Sat-Lite USA 12 D110 www.sat-litetech.com
Savitri Telecom Services India 11 C91 www.savitritelecom.com
SCTE Broadband Journal UK www.thescte.eu
SCTE India India 12A E33 www.scteindia.com
SeaChange Incorporation Inc. USA 12A E16 www.schange.com
Seagate Technology India 12A E164 www.seagate.com
Secureye Hong Kong 11 C65 www.secureye.com
Seela Infratech Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E182 www.seelainfratech.com
Select Telecom Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B14 www.selectantenna.in
Shandong Pacific Optics Fiber and Cable Co., Ltd China 12A E163 www.spfosd.com
Shanghai ChangYue Communications Co.,Ltd. China 11 C140 www.cyftth.com
Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd. China 11 C159 www.grandway.com.cn
Shanghai Shinho Fiber Communication Co.,Ltd. China 11 C154 www.xhfiber.com
Shaoxing Zktel Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C137 www.ZKTel.com.cn
Shenzhen Ablee Electronic Company Limited China 12A E25 www.ablee.com.cn
Shenzhen Allopto Limited China 11 C116 www.allopto.com
Shenzhen Anycon Eletronics Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E37 www.anycon.com.cn
Shenzhen ANYK Technology Inc. China 11 C118 www.anyk.com.cn
Shenzhen Ascent Optics Co.,Ltd. China 11 C45 www.ascentoptics.com
Shenzhen BC-Optics Co.,Ltd China 9 A16 www.bc-optics.hk
Shenzhen BTON Weiye Technology Co.,LTD China 9 A20 www.btonnet.com
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A14 www.cdatatec.com
Shenzhen Chinaopticcable Co.,Ltd China 11 C46 www.chinaopticcable.com
Shenzhen City Jinrui Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. China 12A E174 www.jinruipower.com
Shenzhen Compton Technology co., ltd. China 11 C242 www.compton.com.cn
Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. China 12A E97 www.coship.com
Shenzhen DO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B66 www.idoosmart.com
Shenzhen DYS Fiber Optic Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C119 www.dys-fiber.com
Shenzhen EDUP Electronics Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C243 www.szedup.com
Shenzhen Ejoin Technology Co.,Ltd. China 10 B57 www.ejointech.com
Shenzhen FH-Net Optoelectrinics Co., Ltd China 9 A48 www.phyhome.com
Shenzhen GEZHI Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd China 9 A27 www.gezhiphotonics.com
Shenzhen GL-Com Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C107 www.gl-com.com
Shenzhen Handar Optical Technology Co., Ltd China 9 A25 www.huahanda.com
Shenzhen Hanxin Hardware Mold Co., Ltd. China 11 C37 www.hanxin.en.alibaba.com
Shenzhen Hontek Co.,Ltd. China 11 C162 www.hontek.net
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C95 www.hsgq.com.cn
Shenzhen Hua-Network Technology Co., Ltd China 9 A29 www.hua-network.com
Shenzhen HuaYu Optical Communication Tehnology Co.,Ltd China 11 C50 www.sz-hydev.com
Shenzhen Impower Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C35 www.impowercorp.com
Shenzhen Jebi Technology Corporation China 11 C124 www.jebi-tech.com
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric.,Ltd China 12A E197 www.szjiuzhou.com.cn
Shenzhen Kuanhong Technology Co., Ltd China 11 E139 www.daqi-tech.com
Shenzhen Optfocus Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C142 www.optfocus.com
Shenzhen Opway Communication Co., Ltd. China 11 C104 www.opwaytech.com
Shenzhen Phecda Cloud Computing Technology Co Ltd China 11 C215 www.xjnc.com
Shenzhen Runxiang Telecommunication Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C176 www.szrunxiang.en.alibaba.com
Shenzhen Shadow Crown Technology Co. Ltd. China 11 C39 www.hiaao.com
Shenzhen Shenchuang Hi-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. China 10 B62 www.schitec.com
Shenzhen Shuanglongfei Technology Ltd. China 10 B63 www.idragon-usb.com
Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co.,Ltd China 12A E57 en.skyworthdigital.com
ShenZhen Sunun Power Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C101 www.sununpower.com
Shenzhen Tibtronix Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C121 www.tibtronix.com
Shenzhen Ting Esun Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 9 A22 www.tingesun.com
Shenzhen U1 Telecommunications Co., Ltd. China 11 C42 www.u1conec.com
Shenzhen Usource Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C217 www.usourcetech.com
ShenZhen Wahleen Technology Co.Ltd. China 11 C99 www.wahleen.net
Shyam Electronics & Magnetics India 12 D22 www.adapterindia.com
Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12 D55 www.changhong.com
Sichuan Guangfa Technology Co., LTD. China 9 A30 www.sclt.com.cn
Sichuan Hone Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C255 www.sinohone.com
Sichuan Jinwangtong Electronic Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. China 12A E26 www.kingvon.com
Sichuan Jiuzhou Opto-Electronics Ltd. China 11 C163 www.jiuzhou-oe.com
Sichuan Siemax Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C34 www.siemax.com.cn
Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co., Ltd. China 11, 12A C47, E150 www.tianyisc.com
Sichuan Yuantong Communication Co., Ltd. China 11 C252 www.scyttx.com
Silicon Tech One India 12A E73 www.silicontechone.in
Sindi Technologies Co.,Ltd. China 11 C177 www.sindi.com.cn
Sino-Tech Technologies Co., Ltd. China 9 A47 www.sino-telecom.com
Skandha Media Services Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E16 www.skandha.in
Skyline Communications Belgium 12 D3 www.skyline.be
Smart Sense Digital Lab Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C60C www.smartsensedigital.com
SMS Country Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E194 www.smscountry.com
Society for Broadband Professional (SCTE) UK www.thescte.eu
Sograce Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 11 C60D www.sograce.cn
Solveig Multimedia Russia 10 B7 www.solveigmm.com
Sourcesecurity.com India www.sourcesecurity.com
South Asian Wireless Communications UK www.kadiumpublishing.com
Spacelink Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D26 www.spacelinkindia.com
Spacepath Communications UK 12A E14 www.space-path.com
SRSG Broadcast India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E231 www.srsg.com
Star Technologies India 11 C20 www.star-technologies.co.in
Startel Technology Company India 12A E133 www.startel- electronic.com
Sterlite Technologies Limited India 9 A50 www.elitecore.com
Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12A E69 en.sumavision.com
Sunshine Electronics India 11 C230 www.eurodigital.in
Suzhou Hexagon Communication Technologies Co., Ltd. China 11 C38 www.hexagontek.com
Suzhou Linkbasic Information Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C155 www.linkbasic.com
Synway India 11 C28 www.synway.net
Syrotech Networks Ltd. India 11 C115 www.syrotech.com
Taiwan Excellence Pavilion India 11 C111 www.taitra.org.tw
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (Taitra) India 10 B54 www.taitra.org.tw
Taiwan Product Center, Mumbai India 12A E220
Tara Consultants Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B14 www.tcplonline.com
TCL Technoly Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. China 12 D60 www.tonlyele.com
Tech Newswire India www.technewswire.in
Technology Next India 11 C29 www.technxt.com
TechSecurityChina.com Hong Kong www.techsecuritychina.com
TelcoProfessional UK www.telcoprofessionals.com
Tele.net India 12A E222 www.tele.net
Telecast Technology Corporation China 12A E24 www.dvbiptvott.com
Telecom Drive India www.telecomdrive.com
Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) India 12A E216 www.tematelecom.in
Telecom Era India 12A E227 www.telecomera.net
Telecom Uncovered India www.telecomuncovered.com
Telecom Watch India 12A E202 www.telecomwatch.com
Telecomblogs Media Networks India www.telecomblogs.in
TeledyneLeCroy USA 11 C62 ww.teledynelecroy.com
Teleste Finland 12 D19 www.teleste.com
Teletimes International UAE www.teletimesinternational.com
Telimart India Private Limited India 11 C12 www.telimart.com
Tenda China 11 C65 www.tendacn.com
Tente Fibershow Group Limited China 11 C166 www.tentefibershowgroup.com
Terrasat Communications, Inc. USA 12A E38 www.terrasatinc.com
The Internet of All things.com India www.theinternetofallthings.com
The SME Times.com India www.thesmetimes.com
Tianjin Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd China 9 A26 www.eloikchina.com
Tongding Interconnection Information Co., Ltd. China 11 C120 www.tdgd.com.cn
Tourism Business India www.tourismbusiness.in
Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association India www.taipa.in
trade4india.com India 12A E205 www.trade4india.com
tradeindia.com India 12A E221 www.tradeindia.com
tradeshowalerts.com India www.tradeshowalerts.com
Trans India Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A56 www.trans-india.net
Transcom Intruments Co.,Ltd China 11 C129 www.transcom.net.cn
Transglobal Systems Of Canada Inc (TSOC) Canada 11 C69 www.tsoc.com
Travel Headlines India www.travelheadlines.in
Triflex International India 12A E13 www.tricominida.com
TringTone Hong Kong 10 B3 www.tringtone.com
TTI Fiber Communication Tech. Co.,Ltd. China 10 B10 www.ttifiber.com
TU Technology Uncorked LLP India POD www.tekuncorked.com
TÜV Rheinland India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E200 www.ind.tuv.com
TUYAD - Association of Satellite Electronic & Communication Bussiness People in Turkey Turkey www.tuyad.org/en
Uniq Solutions India 11 C60 www.iuniqsolutions.com
Univois Limited USA 9 A44 www.univois.com
Uniway Infocom India 11 C53 www.uniwayinfo.com
Unlimit Powered by Reliance India 11 C66 www.unlimit.co.in
UTT Technologies Co., Ltd. China 9 A4 www.uttglobal.com
Vaddio USA 10 B7 www.vaddio.com
Velankani Group India 12A E111 www.bydesignindia.net
Verimatrix, Inc USA 12 D34 www.verimatrix.com
Veronica Agabas USA 11 C9 www.braintechnosys.com
Via Satellite / Access Intelligence UK www.satellitetoday.com/via-satellite-magazine
Viavi USA 12 D19 www.viavisolutions.com
Viking Satcom, Llc USA 12A E38 www.vikingsatcom.com
VNO Forum India 12A E215 www.mvnoforum.com
VoicNetworks India 11 C28 www.voicnetworks.com
Weebo Netwokrs Private limited India 12 D105 www.weebo.co.in
Wellav Technologies Ltd. China 12 D1 www.wellav.com
WenZhou TengChang Tech-Trade CO., LTD. China 11 C136 www.fibertc.com
Western Digital India 12A E93 www.sandisk.com
Wibon Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C8 www.wibonnetworks.com
Wifi-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C8 www.wifi-soft.com
Wildcard Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B3 www.wildcardts.com
Willett Communications India 12A E81 www.willettcable.com
Wimax Forum USA www.wimaxforum.org
Win Trendz Exim Private Limited India 12A E34A www.wingroup.in
Wooriro Co., Ltd. South Korea 11 C11 www.wooriro.com
World Teleport Association USA 12A E208 www.worldteleport.org
Wuhan LinkPhotonic Technology Inc China 11 C128 www.linkphotonic.com
Wuhan Wolon Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C203 www.wolonte.com
Wuhan Yangtze Optical Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12A E21 www.n.yotc.com.cn
Wuhan Yilut Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B32 www.yilut.com
Wulian by Dream Tel India 11 C79A www.wuliangroup.com
Wulian Group China 11 C79A www.wulian.cc
X Square Technology China 12 D62 www.x2sat.com
XDK Communication Equipment (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. China 11 C153 www.xdkgroup.com
Xiamen Junte Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C206 www.xmgttx.com
Xtend Technologies (P) Ltd. India 11 C204 www.xtendtech.com
Yash Retail And Service India 12A E9 www.yashretail.com
Yealink China 10 B3 www.yealink-india.com
Yeastar China 10 B3 www.yeastar.com
Yoostar Technology Co.,Ltd. China 12A E127 www.yoostargroup.com
Your Story India www.yourstory.com
Yunke China Information Technology Limited China 11 C87 www.dcnglobal.com
Zenterio Sweden 12A E16 www.zenterio.com
Zhejiang Chaoqian Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China 10 B27 www.chaoqian.com
Zhejiang Detong Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C49 www.dtoncable.com
Zhejiang Hanli Cable Co.,Ltd. China 10 B33 www.hanlicable.com
Zhejiang Luhua Industrial Co.,Ltd China 11 C108 www.luhuacable.com
Zhejiang Qiangshi Wire & Cable Company China 11 C209 www.chnstarcable.com
Zhejiang Yingfeng Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C219 www.nhyingfeng.com
Zhengzhou Shijia Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C51 www.sjtx.com
Zhuhai Gecen Electronic Co.,Ltd China 12 D17 www.gecensat.com
Zycoo Co., Ltd. China 11 C212 www.zycoo.com