Convergence India
24-26 March 2021
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
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List of Participants - 2021

Name Country Hall Booth
"Aplong Tech Limited
3M Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.473
99 Electronics World India India India
Aavishkar Media Pvt. Ltd. India
Abhipriya Global Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.446
ABV International China A3F A3.72
Actox Inc USA A3F A3.91
Acuteq Instruments Inc China A4 A4.304
ADATA Technology Co., Ltd Taiwan A4 A4.85
ADM Engineering India A4 A4.476
Advance AI India A4AF 3F19
Advantech India A4AF 3F2
Advantech Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Africa Business Development Association Africa
Africabizdirectory UAE
Airpath Wirelessnet Solutions India A4 A4.520
AiSP Singapore
AKOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.171
AKTEL India A3F A3.48
ALi Corporation Taiwan A3F A3.66
Alien Technologies USA A4AF 3F50
All About Electronics (Techmezine) India
All India Aavishkar Dish Antenna Sangh India
All India Electronics Association India
Altius Digital Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.70
Amazon India A4 A4.380
Amptronix India A3F A3.196
Amrita TBI   India
Analog Legalhub Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd India A4AF PoD
Analog Systems India A4 A4.138
Andbon China A4 A4.449
Anhui EIKTO Battery Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.232
Anhui Mudong Communication Cable Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.369
Anhui Tianji Information Technology Co, Ltd China A4 A4.364
Anhui Xianghe Communication Company (SHINHO fusion splicer) China A4 A4.236
Anhui Yetvo Optoelectrconics Technology Co,LTD. China A4 A4.485
Anritsu Company USA A4 A4.400
Anritsu Corporation Japan A4 A4.400
Anritsu India Private Limited India A4 A4.400
Antriksh Digital Solution LLP India A3F A3.148
Antriksh Technosys Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.41
APAT Optoelectronics Components Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.61
Appear TV AS Norway A3F A3.18
AppTweak SA Belgium A4 A4.440
APT Prosper Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.481
Aria Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.521
Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) Singapore
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council Korea
Asia Today UK
Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) HongKong India
Aspera (an IBM Company) USA A4 A4.208
Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology - ASIRT India
Asttecs Communications Pvt Ltd. India A4 A4.117
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.85
ATEME France A3F A3.145
ATI Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.136
Augmented Reality for Alliance (AREA) USA
Automation Excellence Pvt. Ltd. India
AVer Information Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.85
AVISION INC. Taiwan A4 A4.85
AVL Technologies USA A3F A3.100
Ayecka Communication Systems Ltd Israel A3F A3.91
Barnfind Technologies Norway A4 A4.208
Baroda IT Association India
Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd China A4 A4.275
Beijing Huaxing Cutting-edge Technology Development Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.426
Beijing HuaYunda Communication Technology CO.,LTD China A4 A4.428
Beijing Kesino Engineering Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.418
Beijing Novel Super Digital Tv Technology Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.38
Beijing Orient View Technology Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.58
Beijing Top Electric Co., Ltd China A4 A4.417
Beijing Xinkekaibang Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.415
Belden USA A4AF 3F63
Berg Insight AB Sweden
Bharat Broadband Network Limited India A4 A4.160
Big Data Made Simple India
BIS Infotech India
Blackrapid USA A4 A4.449
BluPrints India A4AF 3F31
BMT India Technologies India A4 A4.453
Brainamaze India
Broadband Forum USA
Broadband India Forum India
Broadcast & CableSat : ADI Media India
Broadcast Equipment India Pvt Ltd India A3F A3.89
Broadpeak France A3F A3.173
Cable Operators Federation of India (COFI) India
Cable Quest Satcom Pvt. Ltd. India
Cambronix UK A4AF 3F63
Cannare Electric Japan A4AF 3F63
Caviar Technologies India A4 A4.133
Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) India
Changzhou LINKET Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.269
Changzhou Myway Electronics Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.466
Changzhou Yixu Import and Export Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.259 India
Cheerlux Shenzhen Electornic Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.121
Chengdu Bolein Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.224
Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Co. Ltd China A4 A4.462
Chengdu Dipper Optics Technology Limited China A4 A4.313
Chengdu KT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.358
Chengdu Maipu International Infotech Co., Ltd China A4 A4.312
Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.497
Chengdu Xing Xing Rong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.492
China Electronics Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.310
Cinesoft Media And Entertainment Private Limited India A3F A3.110
Cinesoft Pvt Ltd India A3F A3.114
CIO Review India  India
Circuit Cellar USA
Cixi Haihong Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.379
Cixi Qiyan Communication Electron Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.329
Cixi Sanye Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.483
Cixi Yaxun Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.498
Cloud Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.186
CMAI Association of India India
Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.38
Coinsflare USA
Commscope Switzerland A3F A3.100
Communications Today : ADI Media India
Compupal Group Corporation China A4 A4.455
Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) Srilanka
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. USA A3F A3.190
Connected Vehicle Trade Association USA
Coship Electronics Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.155
CP Enterprises India A3F A3.112
CPI Satcom USA A3F A3.88
CPO Innovation India
CryptoNewsZ India
Crystal -A division of LTN Global USA A3F A3.6
Crystal Video China A3F A3.121
CTC Union Technologies Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.511
C-tek Embedding Technologies India A4 A4.45
CXO Voice India
CXOToday India - Techplus Media India
Cyber Café Association of India-CCAOI India
Cyber Defense Magazine USA
Cyber Power Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
CyberData Corporation USA A4 A4.38
Danyang Teruilai Electronics Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.262
Dasscom India A4 A4.376
Datacolor China A4 A4.449
Datavert Communictions Pvt Ltd. India A4AF 3F63
Dazeinfo Media and Research Pvt. Ltd. India
DCNet Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.146
Decibel Technologies India A3F A3.6
Decide Network India A3F A3.48
DE-CIX India India A4 A4.510
Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.522
DekTec Netherlands A4 A4.208
Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) India A3F A3.107
Dev Systemtechnik, GmbH Germany A3F A3.100
Developing Telecoms UK
Deviser India A3F A3.56
Deviser China A4 A4.177
Dexing India A3F A3.56
Dibwas Websoft Technologies LLP India A4AF POD
Digi Electro Media India
Digi International USA A4AF 3F63
Digifort USA A4 A4.101
DIGIfox Innovations Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F72
Digital Terminal India
Dinstar China A4 A4.146
Dinstar Co. Ltd. China A4 A4.186
Director General Directorate General of Taxpayer Services India A3F A3.11
D-Link Corporation Taiwan A4 A4.85
Dongguan HX Fiber Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.280
Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd.,      China A4 A4.279
Dongguan Newmen Electronics Technology Co.,LTD China A4 A4.132
Dongjie Optical Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.264
Earda Technologies Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.192
Edge-Core Networks Taiwan A4 A4.541
Edgecore Networks Corporation Taiwan A4 A4.85
Edimax Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. India
eHoome IoT Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F66
Elecorev Media Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F59
Electro Bits India
Electroline India A3F A3.56
Electronics & Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha India A4 A4.414
Electronics Media India
Electronics Sector Skills Council of India India A3F A3.178
Emvirt India A4AF PoD
Epygi Technologies, LLC USA A4 A4.38
Escene Communication Co.,LTD China A4 A4.406
E-Systemizer Tech India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.514
ET & IoT Technology 2020 Japan
ETI, Inc USA A3F A3.100
European Telecommunications Standards Institute -ETSI France
Exalto Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.46
EXFO Inc. India A3F A3.56
Export Hub USA
Extreme India A4 A4.95
Fanvil China A4 A4.146
Federation of Information Technology of Gujarat India
Felder Broadband Systems India A3F A3.167
Fiberfox India Private Limited India A4 A4.63
FIBERGATE HongKong A4 A4.384
Fides Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F71
FinFET Indtronics India A4 A4.61
Fintech Association of Hongkong HongKong
Fintech Galaxy UAE
Flexiguide, Ltd UK A3F A3.100
Fly Wealth Industrial Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.334
Flyscale Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.423
Foshan Tumtec Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.253
Freshworks India A4 A4.474
Frontier Trading Co India A4 A4.523
FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Singapore
Fujian Gui Comm-Tech Co.,LTD China A4 A4.324
Fujifilm Japan A4 A4.449
Fujikura India A3F A3.56
Fujikura Ltd. Japan A4 A4.177
Gamma Russia A4 A4.61
Genexis / GX Group India A4 A4.59
Genexis / GX Group Sweden A4 A4.59
GESIA IT Association India
Global India Business Forum(GIBF) India
Godox China A4 A4.449
Gospell Digtial Technology Co. Ltd. China A3F A3.148
Government of Madhya Pradesh India A3F A3.107
Grandstream USA A4 A4.101
Grandstream Network Inc. USA A4 A4.186
Grandstream Networks, Inc USA A4 A4.38
Guangdong Hongkai Optical Cable Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.398
Guangdong Huajiayu Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.478
Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication,.Ltd China A4 A4.443
Guangdong Unipoe IOT Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.378
Guanggu Inc. China A4 A4.326
Guangzhou Aoshi Electron Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.122
Guangzhou Kuangtong Digital Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.505
Guangzhou Roiskin Technology Company China A4 A4.450
Hangzhou Dingli Industry & Trade Co., Ltd China A4 A4.305
Hangzhou Fctel Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.487
Hangzhou Leite Communication Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.355
Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.26
Hannstar Taiwan A4 A4.524
Harmonic Inc USA A3F A3.52
Harsh Future Communications India A4 A4.105
HDV Phoelectron Technology China A4 A4.32
Hefei Macrosilicon Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.3
Hefei Vinncom S&T Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.377
Henan Jinkaixin Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.256
Hengtong Group China A4 A4.212
HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Limited China A3F A3.80
Hitachi Hi Rel India A4 A4.141
Hi-Tech Broadcasting India A3F A3.121
HiTi China A4 A4.449
HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd India A4 A4.115
HomeGrid Forum USA
Hongan Group Co., Ltd China A4 A4.340
HR24Solutions India
HTD Fibercom Co.,Limted China A4 A4.374
Huangshan Optoray Communication Corp., Ltd. China A4 A4.323
Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.306
Hubei Guang Hong Communication Tech Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.295
Hubei Lucentfiber Optical Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.503
Hubris Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.376
Hunan DaoSheng Electronic Technology Co., LTD China A4 A4.293
Hypermedia Israel A4 A4.101
IBASE Technology Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.85
IIOT Connection USA
Ilsintech Trading India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.193
Inbase - Innovation Delivered India A4 A4.452
India Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA) India
India Outsources India A4AF 3F51
Indian Transport & Logistics News India
Infotech Software Dealers Association India
Ingenious Techzoid India A4AF PoD
Inhandnetworks USA A4AF 3F63
Inno Instrument Inc Korea A4 A4.165
Inno Instrument India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.165
Integrated Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.435
Intellect Design Arena Limited India A4AF 3F114
Intertrust Technologies Corporation USA A3F A3.159
Intinor Sweden A4 A4.208
Intuit India Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F25
Invoxia Switzerland A4 A4.102
Inxee Systems Private Limited India A4AF 3F69
IO Industries Canada A4 A4.208
IoT Council Belgium
IoT Global Network UK
IOT Mentor LLP India A4 A4.550
IoT Now UK
IoT83 India A4AF 3F83
IPACCT TELECOM Pvt.Ltd. India A4 A4.53
Iris Global Service Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.141
ITI Ltd. India A4AF 3F81
ITP Software India Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.45
I-WAVE Corporation Japan A4 A4.61
Jaymit Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.541
Jaze Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.509
Jiangsu Etern Company Litmited China A4 A4.33
Jiangsu Huacan Telecommunications Group Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.6
Jiangsu Optics Valley Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.308
Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.266
Jiangsu Unikit Optical Technologies Co., Ltd China A4 A4.258
Jiangsu XDT International Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.243
Jiangsu Yinhe Digital Technology Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.135
Jiangsu Youxinxi Semiconductor Limited China A4 A4.234
Jiangsu ZDECL Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.294
Jiangxi Beston Electronics Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.441
Jiangxi Shanshui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.342
Jinhua Guanyang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.281
JRS Communication Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.512
Jupiter Systems India A4 A4.511
KCodes Corporation Taiwan A4 A4.40
Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.177
Keman Optical India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.55
Kenwood Japan Japan A4 A4.41
Kinz Networks(Shenzhen) Ltd. China A4 A4.322
KMTS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.51
Knox Media Hub Spain A4 A4.208
KNS, Inc Korea A3F A3.100
KTS Lda (Key Technologies and Support, Lda) Portugal A4 A4.61
Lantronix, Inc. India A4AF 3F61
Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited India A3F A3.87
LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F118
Leliya Digital (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. India
Lepucare(India) Vascular Solutions Private Limited India A4AF 3F84
Liaoning Youopto Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.251
Lilliput China A4 A4.449
Lloyd's Register India A4AF 3F29
Loupdeck China A4 A4.449
Luoyang Hopu Optical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.5
Mac Printing Solutions India A4 A4.507
Made-in-China China
Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. India A3F A3.107
Magtronic Devices Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.191
MainConcept Germany A4 A4.208
Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd India
MassPower Electronic Limited China A4 A4.290
Masterclock Inc USA A3F A3.113
Matrix Comsec Private Limited India A4 A4.196
M-Core Industries Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4109
MediaTek Inc Taiwan A3F A3.128
Menlopark Technologies Private Limited India A4AF 3F5
Metro Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.536
Mico Technology (Shenzhen) Limited (Panodic) China A3F A3.180
Micro Village Communications Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.101
Micron Technology Inc USA A3F A3.197
Micro-Star International Company Limited Taiwan A4 A4.85
MIKROTIK Latvia A4 A4.384
Milesight Technology Co. Ltd China A4 A4.38
MOBI Antenna Technologies (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd China A4 A4.12
Mobile Dealers Association Of Ahmedabad India
Mobility (ROYMEDIATIVE) India
Mobilk Jordan
MOBOTIX Germany A4 A4.541
MOBtexting India A4 A4.473
Montage LZ Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. China A3F A3.65
MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.27
Moza China A4 A4.449
mPHATEK Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF PoD
MTI Materials Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.442
MultiVirt India Private Limited India A4 A4.461
My Mobile India
Namdhari Eco Energies Pvt. Ltd. India
Nanjing DVP Oe Tech Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.318
Nanjing Fiberlink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.267
Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.260
Nanjing Rapcare Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd. China A4 A4.25
Nantong Guangyi Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.283
National Internet Exchange of India India A4 A4.150
Nationalchip China A3F A3.25
Neoway Technology Co,.Ltd China A4AF 3F37
Net Protector Antivirus India A4 A4.530
NETLINK ICT Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.390
NetTAP® Chengdu Shuwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.403
Neutrik Liechtenstein A4AF 3F63
NewsVoir India
Nexapp Technologies Pvt Ltd.         India A4AF 3F70
Niagara Video Corporation USA A4 A4.208
Nikita Distributors India A4 A4.449
Ningbo Bo lai te Photoelectric Technology Corp., Ltd China A4 A4.402
Ningbo Chuangjie Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.486
NingBo Cibo Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.330
Ningbo Eoxun Network & Communication Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.404
Ningbo Geyida Cable Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.345
Ningbo Guangyu-Tech Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.288
Ningbo Keman Optical Cable Co Ltd China A4 A4.55
Ningbo Yipu Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.482
Ningbo Yujin Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.484
Ningbo Yuneng Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.431
Ningbo Yuxin Optical Fiber Cable Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.382
NiSi China A4 A4.449
Norsat International, Inc Canada A3F A3.100
Nova Cable Co. India A3F A3.164
Novac Technology Solutions Private Limited India A4AF 3F23
Novella Satcoms, Ltd UK A3F A3.100
Novotronik Germany A3F A3.100
OMR India Outsources Private Limited India A4AF 3F50
One Take Media Co. India A3F A3.59
oneM2M France
Online India Tech Pvt Ltd India
Onnet Systems India Pvt. Ltd., India A3F A3.181
Opconn Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.346
Opex Corp USA A4AF 3F50
Opticomm Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.361
Optilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.531
Optimum Viking Satcom (India) Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.100
Optotec Materials Co., Ltd China A4 A4.180
OPWILL Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.419
Orient Cables India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.43
Osprey Video Inc USA A4 A4.208
OUFU Optical Fiber Cable Co.Ltd China A4 A4.496
Panamax Infotech Limited India A4AF 3F30
Parametric Technology India Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F74
Paramount Communications Ltd India A4 A4.384
Paramount Products India A4 A4.123
Paytm Payments Bank India A4AF 3F28
PCB Power Market India A4AF 3F7
Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.480
Pinmicro India Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F65
PLANET Technology Corporation Taiwan A4 A4.85
Planetcast Media Services Limited India A3F A3.70
Plustek Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd India A4 A4.146
PPC Broadband Inc. India A4 A4.67
PPC Broadband Inc., USA USA A4 A4.67
PPI Inc. Korea A4 A4.142
Pranav Enterprises India A4 A4.46
PranisKom Solutions Private Limited India A3F A3.91
Pratikshat Solutions LLP India A4AF 3F56
Purelife Office Systems Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.102
Qianhai Great Harmony (Shenzhen) Smart Technologies Co., Ltd. China A4AF 3F15
Qingdao GRANDLiNK International Trade Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.352
QNAP Systems, Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.508
Quectel Wireless Solutions India A4AF 3F4
Quintech Electronics & Communication s Incat USA A3F A3.46
Raamtel Solutions India A4 A4.546
Radeus Labs, Inc USA A3F A3.100
Rahul Commerce India A4 A4.208
RailTel Corporation of India Limited India A4 A4.107
Raisecom Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.420
Ravi and Sing Communication India A4 A4.99
Raycom Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.425
RECTUS INDIA India A4 A4.384
ReliableSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.54
RF Design Germany A3F A3.91
RF Plus Communications Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.185
Rflight Communication Electronic Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.284
Ribbon USA A4 A4.101
Richerlink Technology Pvt.Ltd. India A4 A4.200
RR Industries India A4 A4.75
Ruanmi Technology Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.479
Rudraksha Technology Private Limited India A3F A3.74
Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.111
Saimaa Technologies LLP India A3F A3.35
Sainxt Technologies LLP India A4 A4.477
Salieabs Electronics Engineers LLP India A4AF 3F67
Samyang Korea A4 A4.449
Sangoma Canada A4 A4.146
Sangoma Technologies Canada A4 A4.186
Sangoma Technologies Canada A4 A4.141
Sangoma Technologies Corporation Canada A4 A4.38
Saranyu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.123
SARC Projects Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.332A
Sayaconcepts India A4 A4.134
SBL Knowledge Services Ltd India A4 A4.108
Sekonic Japan A4 A4.449
Sekonic Corp Japan A4AF 3F50
Sensara Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.175
SettleMint India India A4AF 3F27
Shakti Keypads Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.499
Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd China A4 A4.368
Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.57
Shanghai Broadwan Information Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.273
Shanghai Grandway Import And Export Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.240
Shanghai Honghui Optics Communication Tech Corp. China A4 A4.292
Shanghai MXCHIP Information Technology Co., Ltd. China A4AF 3F71
Shanghai Youngan Optics Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.248
Shaoxing ZKTel Equipment Co., Ltd China A4 A4.274
Sheetal Enterprises India A4 A4.113
Sheetal Wireless Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.519
Shenhuo Seiko Nanjing Communication Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.465
Shenzhen Allopto Limited China A4 A4.184
Shenzhen AOOLIF Technology CO., LTD China A4 A4.127
Shenzhen Baitong Putian Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.491
Shenzhen Bestwheats E-commerce Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.460
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.65
Shenzhen Chinaopticcable Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.372
Shenzhen CYX Tech Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.432
Shenzhen Daerxin Technology Co, Ltd. China A4 A4.408
Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,Ltd China A4AF 3F44
Shenzhen FH-NET Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.185
Shenzhen FIBER-LINK Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.336
Shenzhen FLX Optico Communication Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.241
Shenzhen Fusion Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.451
Shenzhen Guantai New Materials Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.434
Shenzhen Hanxin Hardware Mold Co., Ltd China A4 A4.433
Shenzhen Hi-Optel Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.307
Shenzhen HongRui Optical Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.331
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment Company China A4 A4.239
Shenzhen Huanhu Technology Co. Ltd China A4 A4.405
Shenzhen Hui Xing Technology Co.,Ltd. China A3F A3.172
Shenzhen Jiangfan Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.314
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.245
Shenzhen Lianhongtai Electronics Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.493
Shenzhen Lingyue Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.137
Shenzhen Lonte Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.286
Shenzhen Maxtang Computer Co., Ltd. China A4AF 3F9
Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.363
Shenzhen Ofibre Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.285A
Shenzhen Optfocus Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.285
Shenzhen Opticking Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.211
Shenzhen Photon Broadband Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.444
Shenzhen SDG Information Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.328
Shenzhen Seacent Photonics Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.410
Shenzhen Sihanming Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.339
Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.42
Shenzhen Smart Care Techonology Limited China A4 A4.438
Shenzhen Tongjiu Electronics Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.166
Shenzhen Topfor Technology Co. Ltd China A4 A4.456
Shenzhen Toploong Technology Co., Ltd. China A4AF 3F21
Shenzhen Torch Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.287
Shenzhen Xianda Information Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.454
Shenzhen Xiang Cheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China A3F A3.171
Shenzhen YHT Broadband Equipment Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.291
SHENZHEN ZHIBOTONG Electronics Co., LTD China A4 A4.7
ShenZhen ZhongYILong Electronic Technology Co.,LTd. China A4AF 3F13
Shivam Electronics India A4 A4.516
Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.29
Sichuan Jianghong Cable Manufacture Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.276
Sichuan Jinwangtong Electronic Science And Technology Co.,Ltd China A3F A3.116
Sihong Weichuang Optics CO.,LTD China A4 A4.255
Sindi Technologies Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.210
Sixcom Fiber Optical Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.370
Skyline Communications Belgium A3F A3.16
Skylink International Bangladesh A4 A4.272
Smart Insights France
SMIT Holdings(HK) Limited China A3F A3.199
SMT India India
Solution Enterprises India A4 A4.190
Solution Map Korea A4 A4.61 UK
South Asian Wireless Communication UK
SpaceBridge Canada A3F A3.203
SPI Engineers Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.143
SRSG Broadcast (I) Pvt .Ltd. India A3F A3.177
ST Engineering iDirect USA A3F A3.200
STARK Signals Inc, USA A4 A4.41
Statista GmbH Germany A4AF 3F68
Stel Fiber Electronics India Private Limited India A3F A3.115
Streann Media India A3F A3.186
Sumavision Technology Group China A3F A3.140
Sumeru Microwave Communications Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A3.93
Sumitomo India A3F A3.56
Sunshine Digitronics Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.182
Sunshine Telelink India A4 A4.452
Surbhi Satcom Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.184
Suzhou Alton Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. China A3F A3.163
Suzhou Switek Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.344
Suzhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.320
Suzhou Yummy Import and Export Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.16
Swedish Microwave AB Sweden A3F A3.100
Synology Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Syrotech Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.154
SZOPT Communication Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.347
Taiwan Product Center India A4 A4. 430
Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F18
Tealorca Web Agency Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F67
Technology Next India A4 A4.394
Techplus Media India
TelcoProfessional France India
Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) India
Telecom Era India
Telecom Watch India
Telecomunicaciones TCF Mexico A4 A4.408
Telesea Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.429
Telture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.103
Terrasat Communications, Inc USA A3F A3.100
Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Thinktides Electronic Tech China A4 A4.348
Tianjin Wenhao Technology and Development Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.272
TimesTech Print Media India
Tokuyo Biotech Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Tongding Interconnection Information Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.218
Trade Association of Information Technology(TAIT) India
Trade4india India
Tradekey USA
Trust Media & Entertainment India A4AF 3F60
TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
UCL SWIFT CO., LTD Korea Korea A4 A4.193
Uma Impact Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.118
Unite Creative Design Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.85
Univiso Technologies & Develop Limited China A3F A3.118
Uniway Infocom India A3F A3.56
UR Group Italy A4 A4.61
Vangaurd China A4 A4.449
Vector Informatik India India A4AF 3F42
Vedys Technologies Private Limited India A4 A4.448
Vermont Rep Com Ltda Brazil A4 A4.61
Viavi India A3F A3.56
Viewway Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.114
Viking Satcom, LLC USA A3F A3.100
Vitrox China A4 A4.449
VoIC Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.48
VoipHorizon India A4 A4.517
Wellav|Sencore China A3F A3.188
Western Digital® India A3F A3.84
Wi-Bro Solutions Private Limited India A4 A4.77
Wifisoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4AF 3F62
Willswell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A3F A3.182
Wintec Co., Ltd Taiwan A4 A4.519
Wire19 India
Wireless-Tek Technology Limited. China A4 A4.38
Wishtel Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.141
Wolectron Networks India A3F A3.182
World Teleport Association USA
Wowza Media Systems USA A4 A4.208
Wuhan B&R International Co., Ltd.  China A4 A4.338
Wuhan Yongxinfeng Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.356
Wuxi Weida Intelligent Electronics Co., Ltd China A3F A3.179 USA
X Dream Distribution Germany A4 A4.208
XDK Communication Equipment (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.15
Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4AF 3F52
Xiamen Padmate Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.125
Xiamen Synthron Junte Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.386
Xi'an Globesat Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.354
Xi'an Putian Antenna Co., Ltd China A4 A4.371
Yangzhou Baoshitong Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.289
Yangzhou RAIWAV Opto-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.204
Yantai Yatai Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.362
Yash Retail And Service India A3F A3.158
Yeastar Information Technology Co. Ltd China A4 A4.38
Yokogawa India Ltd. Japan A4 A4.177
Yokogawa India Ltd. Switzerland A4 A4.101
YTL Manufacturing Private Limited India A4 A4.506
Yunke China Information Technology Limited China A4 A4.427
Zero1 Tektronics LLP India A4 A4.128, A4.457
Zhejiang Detong Technology Co..,Ltd China A4 A4.1
Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Photoelectric Science & Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.254
Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.360
Zhejiang Yingfeng Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.250
ZhongShan GC Communication CO.,LTD China A4 A4.252
Zhuhai Gecen Technology Co., Ltd      China A4 A4.282
ZTT International Limited China A4 A4.226
Zycoo Co., Ltd. India A4 A4.376
Zyxel Technology India Pvt Ltd Taiwan A4 A4.85



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