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List of Participants - 2019

Name Country Hall Booth
*astTECS India 11 C134
100 Open Startups India
18th Parallel Technology Labs Private Limited India 12A E36
99 Electrical World India 7E 7E14
99 Electronics World India 7E 7E14
Aavishkar Media Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C122
Abracadabra PR & Marketing Poland
Accelerated Concepts, Inc USA 7C 7C29
Accton Technology Corporation. Taiwan 10 B52
ACT Canada Canada
Actox Inc USA 12A E145
Adata Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Advantech Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Advantech Headquaters Taiwan 7E 7E36
Advantech Industrial Computing India Private Limited India 7E 7E36
Africabizdirectory UAE
AIFA Technology Corp. Taiwan 10 B52
Airpath Wirelessnet Solutions India 11 C9
Aishwarya Technologies And Telecom Limited India 11 C24
Aitelong China 11 C316
Akasaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 7D 7D16
AKOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C285
AKTEL India 12 D1
ALi Corporation Taiwan 12 D115
All India Aaviskar Dish Antenna Sangh India 11 C122
All India Electronics Association India
Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B37
AnaCom, Inc. USA 12A E142
Analog Systems India 11 C28
Anritsu Company USA USA 10 B78
Anritsu Corporation Japan Japan 10 B78
Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B78
Anyware Systems India 9 A52
AOPT Taiwan 11 C150
Apacer Technology Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Appear TV Norway 12 D15
Argosy Research Inc. Taiwan 9 A37
Aria Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C83
Ascentac Inc. Taiwan 9 A39
Asia Cloud Computing Association Singapore
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) Korea
Asia Today USA
AsiaTradeHub.com India
ASIRT - Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology India
Aspera (an IBM Company) USA 10 B4
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Atcom Voip Phones China 11 C4
Atech Solutions India 7E 7E3
ATEME India 12A E104
Atlinks Asia Limited Hong Kong 9 A38
ATOMOS Australia 12A E90
AutomationConnect India
autoX India
AVer Information Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. Taiwan 7B POD 8
Avision Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Aviwest India 12A E97
AVL Technologies USA 12A E153
Axiom Energy Conversion Limited India 11 C77
Ayecka inc Israel 12A E145
Azelo Dpower Pvt. Ltd. India 7D 7D34
Balaji technology Pvt. Ltd. Nepal 11 C252
Barnfind Technologies Norway 10 B4
Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd. China 11 C184
Beijing JinTai Technologies China 10 B26
Beijing Keynote Telecom Co., Ltd. China 11 C242
Beijing Novel Super Digital TV Technology Co., Ltd China 12A E20
Beijing Orient View Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E120
Beijing Xinertel Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C102
Benison Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C216
Berg Insight AB Sweden
Bharat Broadband Network Limited India 10 B45
BIS Infotech India 7C 7C27
BKtel communications GmbH Germany 12 D48
BLIY Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD. China 9 A29
Bluetooth USA
BONKOTE Japan 11 C150
Brand Liaison India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E14
Bravo Communication International Limited China 12 D52
Broadband Forum USA
Broadband India Forum India 7C 7C11
Broadcast - Technology India
Broadcast & Cablesat : ADI MEDIA India 7E 7E15
Broadpeak India 12A E107
BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Cable Operators federation of India (COFI) India 11 C257
Cable Quest Satcom Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C257
Candid Optronix Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C48
Catvision Limited India 12A E87
CCAOI - Cyber Café Association of India India
CCBN Show China 7C 7C41
CCL Optoelectronics Private Limited India 9 A44
CDM Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E90
Cellular Operators Association of India-COAI India
Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT ) India 11 C33
Changzhou LINKET Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C146
Chengdu Antenna Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E207
Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Co. Ltd China 11 C250
Chengdu KT Electronic Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd China 11 C224
Chengdu Maipu International Infotech Co., Ltd China 11 C164
Chengdu XingXingRong Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C281
Chengdu Xinruixin optical communication technology Co.Ltd China 11 C84
Christ University CDI India 7C 7C11
Cinesoft Media and Entertainment Private Limited India 12A E105
Circuit Cellar USA
Cixi Lenew Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A23
Cixi Qiyan Communication Electron Co., Ltd. China 9 A19
Cixi Sanye Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. China 9 A26
Cixi Xianghe Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C298
Cixi Yaxun Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China 9 A20
ClassX CG Italy 12A E90
Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India India
Cloud Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C235
Cloudwalker Streaming Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B9
CMAI Association of India India 7E 7E17
Cnergee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B10
Cohesive Technologies (P) Ltd. India 9 A1
Coimbatore Institute of Technology India 7B POD 2
Comint Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C12
Commscope Switzerland 12A E153
Communications & Power Industries LLC USA 12A E140
Comnet Consultants India
Comnet Exhibitions India
Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) Sri Lanka
Computer Terminal India 7D 7D37
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. USA 12A E143
Connected Vehicle Trade Association USA
Connection Technology Systems Inc. Taiwan 9 A57
Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) India
Corpus Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D87
Coship Electronics Co.,Ltd China 12A E111
CRC Australia 12A E309
Cryptoguard AB Sweden 12A E98
Current Optronics Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A8
Cyber Defense Magazine USA
Cyber Power Systems, Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Damei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B93
Danyang Teruilai Electronics Co., Ltd. China 11 C278
Dasscom USA 11 C4
Datavert Communictions Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C29
Datavideo USA 12A E90
Dawn Communication Co.,Ltd. China 10 B74
Dazeinfo Media & Research Pvt. Ltd. India
DCNET Solutions India Private Limited India 11 C73
Decibel Systems India 12 D125
DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C11
Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C82
Dektec Netherlands 10 B4
Dell India Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C45
DEV Systemtchnik Germany 12A E153
Developing Telecoms UK
Deviser China 12 D41
DEVISER China 11 C48
Dexing China 12 D41
Digi International Inc USA 7C 7C29
Digi Silk Road Turkey
Digital Terminal India
Dijital Yasam Turkey
Dimension Technology Co.,Ltd(ShenZhen) China 11 C302
Dinstar Technologies China 11 C235
Dongguan Hongxin Optical Cable Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C239
Dongguan Jiexun Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd. China 7D 7D32
Dongguan Lingjie Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd China 7D 7D1
Dongjie Optical Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd China 11 C230
Dongjie Optical Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd China 12 D58
DPC India Pvt. Ltd. / Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd. India 11 C94
DTS Elektronik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 12A E101
E- Systemizer Tech India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C132A
Eagle Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd., Taiwan 7D 7D18
Earda Technologies Co.,Ltd China 12A E311
Edgecore Networks Taiwan 10 B19
Edgecore Networks Corporation. Taiwan 10 B52
Edimax Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
ELE Times -New Delhi Print Media Pvt LTD. India
Electroline India 12 D41
Electronics City Industries Association India
Electronics Media India
Electronics Sector Skills Council of India India 7C 7C20
Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) India 7C 7C20
EM MEDIA LLP India 7E 7E33
Environmental Technology, Inc USA 12A E153
Euro Digital India 11 C308
Everforise India 7D 7D5
Exalto Communication Technologies Private Limited India 12 D61
EXFO Canada 12 D41
EXFO Inc. Canada 11 C48
Exporooms.com UK
Extreme Peering India 10 B17
Fanvil China 11 C4
Federation of Information Technology Associations of Gujarat India
FeedsFloor Denmark
Feemate Korea 11 C4
Felder Broadband Systems India 11 C120
Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Fiberfox India Private Limited India 10 B62
Fibrsol Global Network Limited India 11 C54
Flexiguide Ltd. UK 12A E153
Flowmon Czech Republic 11 C12
FoneArena India
Forgings Today India
Foshan Xin Yu Fei Communication Tech.Co.,Ltd China 11 C111
Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd (99business.com) India 7E 7E14
Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd (99businessnewspapers.com) India 7E 7E14
Frontier Trading Co. India 11 C3
Fujian BelFone Communications Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C268
Fujian Gui Comm-Tech Co.,LTD China 11 C289
Fujikura Japan 12 D41
Fujikura Ltd. Japan 11 C60
Geospatial Media and Communications India
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Gigac Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C101
Glorious Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. India 7D 7D24
Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd. India 12 D76
Go-Top Innovation Limited China 7D 7D26
Grandstream Networks USA 9 A3
Grassvalley. Canada 12A E90
Green Lantern IT Solutions (P) Ltd. India 12A E15
Grenbone Germany 11 C12
G-Technologies (WD) USA 12A E90
Guangzhou Huaqi Electronic Co., Ltd China 10 B82
Guangzhou V-solution Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B22
Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co.,Ltd China 11 C245
Hangzhou Tuya Information Technology Co.,Ltd China 7B 7B29
Hanyang (HANGZHOU) Cable Co., Ltd. China 11 C276
Harmonic Inc USA 12A E1
Harsh Future Communications India 11 C266
HDV Phoelectron Technology LTD. China 11 C290
Hebi Tente Communication Technology Co.Ltd China 11 C138
Hefei Lasun Communication Co.,Ltd China 9 A51
Hefei MacroSilicon Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C217
Hefei Vinncom S & T Co., Ltd. China 10 B92
Henan Shijia Photons Technology Co.,Ltd. China 11 C116
Hengtong Optic-Electric Co.,Ltd China 11 C156
HG TECH China 11 C150
Hisilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12 D30
Hiteshi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India 7B POD 9
HK Electronics India 7D 7D21
HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A35
HomeGrid Forum USA
Hongdian Corporation China 7B 7B7
Horizon Broadcast LLP India 12A E33
HTD Fibercom Co.,Limted China 11 C152
Huangshan Optoray Communication Limted China 11 C270
Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Limited Liability Company China 9 A24
Huawei China 11 C54
Hubris Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C4
Hughes Communications India Limited India 12A E211
Hughes Systique Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C6
Hui Xing Technology Co.,Ltd. China 12 D50
IABM UK 11 C258
iBwave USA 11 C48
Ignitenet USA 10 B40
Ilsintech Co. Ltd Korea 11 C1
Ilsintech Trading India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C1
In Win Development Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
India Cellular & Electronics Association India
Indiaexportnews.com India
Infonet Technologies India 11 C87
Infotech Software Dealers Association India
INNO Instrument Inc Korea 11 C106
Inno Instrument India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C106
Innodisk Corporatin Taiwan 12 D127
InnoHealth Magazine -InnovatioCuris Private Limited India
Innopia Technologies, Inc. Korea 12 D24
INOTIS Korea 11 C150
Inside Industry UK
Inside Industry Magazine UK
Intertrust USA 12A E75
Intrepid Control Systems, Inc India 7B POD 4
Invas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C48
Invoxia Switzerland 11 C305
Inxee Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 7B 7B15
IOanyT Innovations Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C15
IoT Council Belgium
IoT Global Network UK
IoT Now UK
IPACCT TELECOM Pvt.Ltd. India 9 A34
Ironwood Electronics USA 7E 7E22
ITI Ltd India 7B 7B26
IXIA- A Keysight Business USA 11 C48
Jaymit Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B40
Jetway Information Co., Ltd Taiwan 7E 7E44
Jiangsu Etern Company Litmited China 11 C171
Jiangsu Guangyu Network Equipment Co.,Ltd China 11 C233
Jiangsu Minshang Optoelectronics Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China 11 C232
Jiangsu Nanfang Communication Technology Company Limited China 11 C172
Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C196
Jiangsu Unikit Optical Technologies Co.,Ltd China 11 C96
Jiangsu Xinda Communcation Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C291
Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co.,Ltd China 12 D84
Jiangsu Youxinxi Semiconductor Limited. China 11 C227
Jiangsu Zerong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C145
Jiangxi Chaowei New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd China 7D 7D48
Jiangxi Shanshui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C318
Jilin Ouffu Photoelectric Commnunication Equipment Co., Ltd China 10 B87
JK Enterprises India 7D 7D45
JRS Communication Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C81
Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society India 7B 7B24
Karthavya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E96
Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C60
Keman Optical Cables India 10 B1
Kemsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E30
Keysight Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A32
KloverTel Private Limited India 9 A57
KMTS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E202
Knox Media Hub Spain 10 B4
KOTELYZER Japan 11 C150
KPH Australia 12A E309
KPH Technologies Pvt Ltd India 12A E309
Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C150
Lantronix, Inc. India 7E 7E32
Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited India 12A E5
LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E7
Lianyungang Asia Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. China 10 B31
LUMIUM Design Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C7
Luoyang Hopu Optical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd China 11 C210
Lyle India 7B 7B11
m2m2iotpaper.com India
MainConcept Japan 10 B4
Maruti Techlabs Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A50
Matrix Comsec Private Limited India 9 A10
M-Core India Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A5
MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd Singapore
Mega Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E7
Mehta Infocom Private Limited India 12 D48
Menlopark Technologies Private Limited India 7E 7E10
Mentech Electronics Co.,Ltd China 11 C180
Micro Engineers India 11 C92
Micro Village Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C305
Micro-Star International Company Limited. Taiwan 10 B52
Mind Commerce USA
Mindnotix Technologies India 7C 7C43
Mission Microwave USA 12 D125
MOBI Antenna Technologies (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd China 10 B65
Mobilk Jordan
Mobotix Germany 10 B40
Modern Communication Technology India 7C 7C5
Modlite Communications India 12A E200
Montage LZ Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. China 12 D5
MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C186
moTV Czech Republic 12A E75
Moxa Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Mrinq Technologies LLP India 7C 7C13
Mstar Semiconductor Inc Taiwan 12A E60
Multicore Infotech India 10 B6
MultiVirt India Private Limited India 12A E18
My Mobile Infomedia India 7E 7E37
MYBOX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D68
N&B Co., Ltd. Korea 7D 7D44
Nanjing Cleanwave Communication Technology Co., LTD China 12A E146
Nanjing DVP Oe Tech Co.,Ltd China 11 C292
Nanjing Fiberlink Communication Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C197
Nanjing Huamai Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C118
Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd China 11 C204
Nanjing Rapcare Telecommunication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C193
Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Ltd. China 11 C231
Nantong Guangyi Communication Equipment Company China 11 C277
NAPUI China 12A E309
NASSCOM Center of Excellence - IoT India 7C 7C38
NCN(National Computrade News) India 7D 7D10
Neoway Technology Co,.Ltd. China 7B 7B3
Neron Informatics Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C100
NetQuest USA 11 C12
Netwin Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C3
Newnetlink Tochnology Limited China 11 C79
Newtec Belgium 12A E9
Nexus Telecom Private Limited India 11 C254
Niagara Video Corporation USA 10 B4
Ningbo Chuangjie Electrical Appliance Co,Ltd. China 9 A27
NingBo Cibo Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 10 B24
Ningbo Doppler Communication Co.,Ltd China 10 B34
Ningbo GMF Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C115
Ningbo Hanteng Metal Products Co.,Ltd China 11 C272
Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone Vichin Optical Communication Co., Ltd. China 11 C296
Ningbo Huitong Communication Co.,Ltd China 11 C284
Ningbo Jitong Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 11 C280
Ningbo Myray Network Equipment Co.,Ltd China 10 B28
Ningbo Vtom Telecommunication Equipment Co.,Ltd China 11 C103
Ningbo Yuda Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C248
Novella Satcoms Ltd. UK 12A E153
OMR India Outsources Private Limited India 7B 7B12
oneM2M USA
Online India Tech Pvt. Ltd. India
Open Connectivity Foundation USA
OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd. China 11 C285
Opinion Post India
Opterna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C21
Optilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D11
Optimum Viking Satcom (India) Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E153
Original Products Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C18
Osprey Video Inc. USA 10 B4
Pan India Internet Pvt. Ltd. India
Panodic Electric(Shenzhen) Limited China 12 D92
Paradise Electrical Industries India 11 C74
Parametric Technology India Pvt. Ltd. India 7B 7B35
PCB Power Market India 7E 7E6
Peach Technovations Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E24
Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd / Shenzhen Hontek Co.,Ltd China 11 C214
PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry India
Phoenix Audio Technologies USA 10 B4
Phytec Embedded Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E5
Pinglaksh Anveshnam Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C25
Pinmicro India Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C14
PLANET Technology Corporation. Taiwan 10 B52
Planetcast Media Services Limited India 12A E54
Playbox Technology Corporation India 12 D9
Plustek Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Potel Cable Group Co.,Ltd. China 11 C246
Powev Electronic Technology Co., Limited China 7E 7E46
PPI Inc Korea 9 A15
PranisKom Solutions Private Limited India 12A E145
Primea Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 7B POD 1
Procom Automation India 7B 7B5
PurpleStream Convergence Private Limited India 12A E315
Puyang YRT Communications Tech Co., Ltd. China 10 B75
QNAP Systems, Inc. Taiwan 9 A56
QNAP Systems, Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
R&M India Pvt. Ltd. India 9 A36
R.U.R Telenet Solutions P. Ltd. India 11 C65
RAC Infra Rental LLP. India 10 B68
Rahul Commerce India 10 B4
Ram Ram Ji Peripherals India 7D 7D28
RamaKrishna Electro Components Pvt. Ltd. India 7B 7B30
Ratansiri Communications P. Ltd India 11 C65
Ravi and Singh Communication India 11 C54
RDEER Taiwan 12A E309
ReliableSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D8
Reliant Electronic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E42
RF Design Inc Germany 12A E145
RF Plus Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E312
Richer Link Technology Co. Ltd. China 9 A42
Robotek LLP India 7D 7D7
Rohde & Schwarz Germany 11 C48
Roy Mediative - Mobility India 7D 7D10
Royal Appliances India 7E 7E35
Rudraksha Technology Private Limited India 12A E27
S G Corporate Mobility Private Limited India 7D 7D3
S. V Trade Impex India 11 C70
SAF Tehnika JSC Latvia 11 C141
Saimaa Technologies LLP India 12 D36
SANDAO China 12A E309
Sangoma Technologies Inc India 10 B12
Sanny Telecom Equipment Co.,Ltd China 10 B76
Sanyang Exim India Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E16
Saramonic USA 12A E90
Sat International Private Limited India 10 B6
Satellite @ Internet India India 12 D128
satellitetoday.com USA
Savitri Telecom Services India 11 C20
Sehaj Synergy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C32
Select Telecom Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C15
Senor Tech Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Sensara Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D45
SH Link Co., Limited China 10 B86
Shanghai Broadwan Information Technology Co.,Ltd. China 10 B25
Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd., China 11 C41A
Shanghai Letel Communication Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. China 11 C206
Shanghai MXCHIP Information Technology Co., Ltd. China 7C 7C37
Shanghai Notion Information Technology Co., Ltd. China 7C 7C1
Shanghai Yogel Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 11 C288
Shaoxing ZKTel Equipment Co., Ltd China 11 C240
Shenzhen Aixton Cables Co. Ltd. China 11 C241
Shenzhen Beneworld Technology Co., Ltd. China 7C 7C22
Shenzhen BTON Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C209
Shenzhen Chinaopticcable Co.,Ltd China 9 A22
Shenzhen CSIP Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. China 7D 7D47
Shenzhen Forca Technology Co.,Ltd China 7D 7D20
Shenzhen Frecom Electronics Co., Ltd  China 11 C247
Shenzhen Gigalight Technology China 11 C148
Shenzhen Haina Telecom Equipment Co.,Ltd China 11 C142
Shenzhen Handar Optical Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C282
Shenzhen Hanxin Hardware Mold Co.,Ltd China 11 C208
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 12 D59
Shenzhen HTFuture Co.,Ltd China 11 C144
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. China 12 D55
Shenzhen Link-all Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C191
Shenzhen Minew Technologies Co., Ltd. China 7C 7C26
Shenzhen Niceuc Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China 10 B35
Shenzhen Nokoxin Technology Co.,LTD. China 9 A14
Shenzhen Okey Technology Co., Limited China 7D 7D43
Shenzhen Optfocus Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C185
Shenzhen OpticKing Technology Co.,Ltd China 10 B84
Shenzhen Optostar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd China 11 C112
Shenzhen Phograin Intelligent Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A58
Shenzhen Photon Broadband Technology Co.,Ltd. India 11 C252
Shenzhen Progress&Win Technology Co.,Ltd China 11 C51
Shenzhen Puhuixin Technology Co., Ltd China 10 B81
Shenzhen Roco Electronics Co., Ltd China 7D 7D25
Shenzhen Ruide Electronical Industrial Co., Ltd China 12A E110
Shenzhen SDG Information Co.,Ltd. China 11 C312
Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co.,Ltd China 12 D64
Shenzhen Shengtai Heng Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C274
Shenzhen Shichuangyi Electronics Co.,Ltd      China 7E 7E1
Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E40
Shenzhen StarTel Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B80
ShenZhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. China 7D 7D39
Shenzhen Tongjiu Electonics Co., Limited China 12A E12
Shenzhen Toploong Technology Co.,Ltd China 7E 7E47
Shenzhen Torch Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. China 9 A25
Shenzhen U1 Telecommunications Co.,Ltd China 10 B83
Shenzhen Wanglink Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd China 10 B27
Shivam Electronics India 11 C85
SHKE Communication Tech Co., Ltd China 11 C283
Shresta eTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. India 7B POD 8
Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. China 12 D100
Sichuan Jianghong Cable Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. China 11 C190
Sichuan Jinwangtong Electronic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd China 12A E99
Sichuan Jiuzhou Opto-Electronics Ltd. China 12 D96
Sihong Weichuang Guangdin Co., Ltd. China 11 C91
Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
SIMCO Japan 12A E309
Simptronics India 11 C16
Sindi Technologies Co., Ltd. China 11 C218
Six Com Fiber Optical Co.,Ltd China 11 C279
SJM PREWELL Korea 12A E206
Skyline Communications Belgium 12 D3
Smart Insights (Intelling) France
Smart Sense India India 7B POD 12
Smartiply India 7C 7C12
SMIT Holdings(HK) Limited China 12A E201
SMT India India
Sograce Electronics CO.,LTD China 7D 7D12
Solid4You Emarketing India 12A E202
SOLTECH Co., Ltd Korea 11 C6
Sourcesecurity.com India
Sourcesecurity.com UK
South Asian Wireless Communications UK
Spaceon Electronics Co., Ltd. China 9 A48
Spacepath Communications Ltd. UK 12A E151
Sqream Israel 7C 7C10
Sri Palani Andavar and Co India 7D 7D22
SRSG Broadcast India Pvt .Ltd. India 12 D129
SSC USA 12A E153
Star Infomatic Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C41A
Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C5
Stream-labs USA 12A E90
Subex Limited India 7B 7B16
Sumeru Microwave Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E51
Sumitomo Japan 12 D41
Sumitomo Electric Industries Japan 11 C48
Sunshine Top Co., Limited China 12A E106
Suzhou Teruitong Communication Co.,Ltd China 11 C304
Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co., Ltd China 11 C198
Suzhou Youpin Electronic Co.Ltd China 10 B29
Syenergy Environics Ltd. India 7D 7D23
Synway Information Engineering Co., Ltd. India 11 C90
Syrotech Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C124
T&M Tools Co.,Limited China 11 C133
Taiwan Excellence India 10 B52
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) India 10 B52
Tara Consultants Pvt. Ltd. India 10 B15
Tata teleservices Ltd. India 7C 7C9
TeamF1 Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E12
Technology for You India
Technology Next India 11 C78
Tecnode Solutions P Ltd. India 11 C141
TelcoProfessionals UK
tele.net India 7E 7E25
Telecast Technology Corporation China 12A E87
Telechips Inc Korea 12A E92
Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association India
Telecom Era India 7E 7E21
TelecomWatch India 7E 7E20
Teleinfotoday.com India
Telesea Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C212
Teleste Corporation Finland 12 D48
Teletimes Media L.L.C. UAE
Television Post India
Telimart India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C16
Terrasat Communications, Inc USA 12A E153
The SME Times India
Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
TianKai Optical Communication Technology CO.,LTD China 11 C303
TONGDING Interconnection Information Co.,Ltd China 11 C166
TOP QUALITY China 11 C150
Towers and Infrastructure Providers Association India
Tractica USA
Trade4india.com India
Transcend Information, Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
Trident Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 7B 7B9
TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 10 B52
Tuyad Association (Telecom Satellite & Broadcasting) Turkey
UFS Protects India Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C75
UISYS Korea 11 C150
UNIQUE MEDIA INC. - Mobile Universe India 7D 7D36
Uniway Infocom India 12 D41
Unlimit IoT Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E28
V.Kel Electronics ( Hong Kong ) Co. , Limited Hong Kong 7B 7B1
Vasantha Advanced Systems India 7E 7E8
Vector Informatik India Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E38
Velirs India Private Limited India 9 A52
VESSEL Japan 11 C150
Via Satellite USA
Viavi France 12 D41
ViTrox Malaysia 11 C150
Voic Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C90
Vyom Digital Services Private Limited India 7B POD 3
Waveion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 12A E104
WAVIoT Russia 7B 7B36
WebNMS IoT - ZOHO India 7C 7C30
Wifi-soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 7C 7C42
Wildcard Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C130
Willett Communications India 12 D117
Wimax Forum USA
Win Trendz Exim Pvt. Ltd. India 12 D43
Wintec Co., Ltd Taiwan 9 A55
Wire19 USA
WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. Taiwan 10 B52
WIZnet Korea 7B 7B14
wolfSSL USA 7E 7E23
Wonder Connect India 7D 7D33
World Teleport Association UK
Wowza Media Systems USA 10 B4
WTC Noida Development Company Pvt. Ltd. India 11 C131
Wuhan Wolon Communication Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C215
Wutong Holding Group Co., Ltd. China 11 C69
Wuxi Taclink Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd China 10 B91
Xceednet India 12A E82
Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China 7C 7C36
XinSheng Electronics Co.,Ltd. China 11 C199
Yangzhou Baoshitong Technology Co., Ltd China 11 C300
Yangzhou Kaidi Technology Electronic Co., Ltd China 9 A49
Yangzhou Raiwav Opto-electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C320
Yash Retail And Service India 12A E149
Yipu Communication Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd China 10 B85
Yokogawa India Ltd. Japan 11 C60
Yuhoo Electronic Technology(DongGuan)Co.,LTD China 11 C271
Yunke China Information Technology Limited China 11 C220
Yuyao Huijia Communication Equipments Co., Ltd. China 10 B30
YXFiber Technology Co., Ltd China 10 B90
Zekko Tech Private Limited India 9 A40
Zero1 Tektronics LLP India 7D 7D14
Zettaone Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India 7E 7E43
Zhejiang Chaoqian Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 9 A28
Zhejiang Detong Technology Co., Ltd. China 11 C202
Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China 10 B88
Zhejiang Lancable Technology Co.,Ltd China 12A E80
Zhejiang Luhua Industrial Co.,Ltd China 10 B36
Zhejiang Tribrer Communication Technology Limited China 10 B33
ZhongShan GC Communication CO.,LTD. China 11 C140
Zhuhai Gotech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. China 12A E94
ZJGS Communication Technology CO.,LTD China 9 A21
Zycoo UK 11 C4
Zyxel Communications Corp. Taiwan 10 B52



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