28th Convergence India 2020 Expo
19 - 21 February 2020
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
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Conference Programme

Time Conference Room: A (5G and Beyond
Leadership Summit)
Conference Room: B (IoT) Conference Room: C (Fintech)
1130-1300 Opening Session: 5G: Where are we at?

Discussion points:
  • Current state of Policy and regulations
  • Aligning 5G tech and policies
  • How will 5G impact productivity and economic growth?
  • Identifying the macroeconomics of a 5G fuelled economy
  • How markets will be disrupted?
  • Spectrum availability and utilisation
Opening Session: IoT: Invented for connected world

Discussion points:
  • Journey till now and future roadmap
  • Scaling up from pilots to large-scale IoT business
  • Current and future business models
  • From the Internet of Things to an Economy of Things
  • Driving innovation for IoT
  • Big data, AI and ML for IoT
  • Convergence of Blockchain and the IoT Paradigms
  • IoT security
Opening Session: Exploring the era of digital money

Discussion points:
  • Fintech innovations
  • Policy and regulatory environment
  • Market growth, real road blocks and solutions
  • UPI India's mega gamechanger
  • The move to mobile money
  • Security at fingertips
  • Blockchain's Influence on Digital Money
  • National initiatives transforming the Fintech sector
1300-1400 Networking lunch
1400-1450 The infrastructure roadblock and economics of 5G in India

Discussion points:
  • What are the main 5G rollout drivers?
  • 5G enabled handsets
  • How 5G can be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth?
  • Initial 5G rollout: what it will look like?
  • How 5G will transform existing enterprise network capabilities?
Cities of future through IoT (1400-1530)

Discussion points:
  • IoT as a growth enabler for smart cities
  • The levers of IoT growth
  • Business value of IoT in smart cities
  • Impact of IoT on smart cities
  • Key applications of IoT in smart cities
  • Dimensions of IoT adoption in smart cities
  • Need of IoT policy framework for smart cities
Financial Inclusion (1400-1530)

Discussion points:
  • Fintech's global impact on the unbanked and underbanked
  • Partnership models for achieving universal financial inclusion
  • Role of technology in advancing financial inclusion
  • Is end of the unbanked is a visible milestone?
  • How should government and the financial sector harness the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, and local and international innovation communities, to meet inclusive growth goals?
Networking tea break
1500-1540 Intelligence-led big data analytics in a 5G world

Discussion points:
  • Why the combined effect of 5G, IoT and Big Data Analytics can enable us to better understand the unprecedented tsunami of data generated every second?
  • How this convergence will pave the path for Intelligence-led Big Data Analytics?
  • How the convergence of 5G cellular, IoT and Big Data Analytics has the potential to change processes?
IoT evolving healthcare (1545-1715)

Discussion points:
  • IoT to create healthcare revolution
  • Empower the Healthcare vision 2030
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent population health for next-gen patient care
  • Data security in healthcare
  • Role of Blockchain
Digital lending (1545-1715)

Discussion points:
  • Policy and regulatory framework
  • Marketplace lending to see what does the future hold?
  • Re-engineering the mortgage industry
  • Financial inclusion to profitably serve the unbanked and underbanked market
  • Expanding the use of data & analytics i.e. big data, AI and cognitive computing
  • Implication for banks and data providers
  • Credit scoring models
1545-1615 The combination of 5G and AI

Discussion points:
  • Are operators expect to adopt AI in 5G?
  • How should operators plan, trial and implement AI across their networks?
  • Can incorporation of AI into networks, reduce capital expenditure, improves network performance and build new revenue streams?
  • Will AI be able to enhance customer service and experience?
1615-1630 Networking tea break
1630-1745 Ensuring the 5G Revolution is a Success from all cornerstones

Discussion points:
  • How to build win-win cooperation for industry players in the 5G era?
  • What approaches are being taken in different regions?
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality in a 5G environment?
  • How the 5G revolution will drive future innovations of IoT?
  • New Networks, New Risks: How to keep your networks secure?
  • How 5G will change the Mobile App Development Landscape?
Time Conference Room: A (OTT Summit) Conference Room: B (IoT) Conference Room: C (AI and Blockchain Summit)
1000-1100 Opening session: Embracing the OTT revolution

Discussion points:
  • Impact of a changed 'New OTT• world
  • Policies and regulation environment
  • Investment opportunities
  • Domestic vs International market
  • Why OTT has a bright future in India?
  • How do advertisers look at OTT platforms?
Industry 4.0 (1000-1130)

Discussion points:
  • Opportunities and roadmap for deployment for industry 4.0
  • Importance of digital transformation for manufacturers
  • Government initiatives to help implement industry 4.0 across industries
  • Role of data to change the face of manufacturing
  • The barriers between Business, Engineering & Technology
  • Industrial revolution 4.0
  • Re-skilling fill the gaps due to technology change
  • Safety & Security for Implementation of Industry 4.0
Opening Session: Unlocking AI and blockchain full potential (1000-1130)

Discussion points:
  • Journey till now and future roadmap
  • What's in it for enterprise and why companies are adopting emerging technologies
  • Role in the digital world economy
  • Regulatory framework and tax implications
  • Investors perspective in blockchain and AI
  • Future of fintech industry through blockchain and AI
1100-1145 Overwhelming OTT: Telcos growth strategy in a digital world

Discussion points:
  • The growing force or changing face of digital
  • Cannibalizing voice and messaging'offering more for less
  • Increasing demand for communication infrastructure'broadband-access hype
  • Value chain takeover'new technologies and increasing competition
  • Implications and opportunities for telcos
  • Building up scalable partnerships
1145-1200 Networking tea break 1130-1145
Networking tea break
1200-1315 A new matrix for OTT business (1200-1315)

Discussion points:
  • Disruption in the Indian TV market
  • Investment priorities
  • Shift of business models
  • Future of Indian media and entertainment
  • Competition and complementation
  • New players, new ideas and strategies
  • Getting consumers to pay
  • One subscriber, many users
  • OTT Apps
Embedded technologies for IoT (1145-1315)

Discussion points:
  • Challenges of designing an embedded IoT hardware system
  • Engineering and design of hardware, software in embedded systems
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) & embedded connectivity
  • Design tools for electronics and embedded systems
  • Safety & security focus in embedded systems and its applications
  • Recent developments in embedded systems

AI and Blockchain use cases in service sector (1145-1315)

Discussion points:
  • Blockchain and AI for banking and financial services
  • Blockchain and AI for governance
  • Blockchain and AI for supply chain
  • Blockchain and AI for healthcare
  • Blockchain and AI for infrastructure
1315-1400 Networking lunch
1400-1445 How OTT players are capitalizing on AI?

Discussion points:
  • Insights on customer behaviour
  • Better content pricing
  • Conceptualization Made Easy
  • Optimization of OTT Delivery Network
  • Taking viewing experience to next level
  • Dubbing and subtitling impact
Changing education landscape with IoT (1400-1530)

Discussion points:
  • Global shifts in skills and competency requirements
  • Advancements of new ideologies affecting the nature and structure of business and skills
  • The role of IoT in skills development
  • Sustainable skills development with technology
  • Global shifts in production paradigms and skills evolution
  • Policy and institutional reforms
AI, machine learning and big data (1400-1530)

Discussion points:
  • Policy framework to corelate the data and success of AI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Changing the skill set
  • The online and offline worlds are merging
  • Importance of capturing and managing real-time data
  • Legal and ethical issues for companies to innovate
Networking tea break
1445-1615 Original Content: Capturing India's next billion subscribers

Discussion points:
  • Video trends, forecast and statistics
  • Market growth strategies
  • Content discovery and consumption
  • Western vs Indo content
  • Regional content growth story
  • Blockchain empowering content creators
  • How to identify the Value Gap of the content?
  • Where do advertisers fit in this game?
Unlocking the untapped potential of IoT in utilities: IoT - Is the water sector ready? (1545-1630)

Discussion points:
  • Making an economic assessment for water utilities development
  • Integrating smart water technologies into existing water infrastructure
  • Strategies for managing and reducing water leakage across the network
  • Looking at real-time data and cutting-edge communication technologies
  • New technologies and know-how in IoT and AI for network automation
AI & blockchain technology benefits together (1545-1715)

Discussion points:
  • Enhancing security
  • Untangling the way AI thinks
  • Accessing and managing the data market
  • Change in supply chain
  • Social benefits for emerging economics
1615-1630 Networking tea break    
1630-1715 Decoding kids' genre in OTT space

Discussion points:
  • Do kids prefer OTT over TV?
  • Is India set for significant investment and potential shake up?
  • Disruption in kids
  • content on OTT platforms
  • Licensing the content for kids
  • Streaming safe content
  • Cognitive development with OTT platforms
IoT to improve energy management

Discussion points:
  • Upgradation of the aging infrastructure to improve productivity and connectivity
  • Creating intelligent energy management
  • Achieving convenience
  • Gaining performance insights based on machine learning
Time Conference Room: A (Cyber Security Conclave) Conference Room: B (Gaming / Startup Conclave) Conference Room: C (FTTH Summit )
1000-1045 Opening Session: Cyber Security in the age of digital transformation

Discussion points:
  • Policies and regulations
  • Cyber laws and compliances
  • Digital Transformation's impact on security
  • Emerging threats with emerging disruptive technologies such as 5G, IoT, ML, AI, AR/VR etc.
  • Hacking and cyber crimes

Gamethon: The evolving future of gaming ( 1000-1130)

Discussion points:
  • Unleashing the designing and creativity for compelling gaming experiences
  • Gaming for good for education, professional training, social awareness campaigns, and more
  • Dispelling gaming misconceptions
  • Career avenues gaming
  • Gaming as sport
  • The rise of AI and AR/VR induced gaming
FTTH Council APAC Fiber Talk (1000-1130)
1045-1130 New emerging trends in Cyber Crimes

Discussion points:
  • Assessing the data breach
  • Current fraud trends in Financial sector
  • Securing mobile apps from cyber threats
  • Online scams and compliance fundamentals
  • Dark Web & Impacts on cyber security
1130-1145 Networking tea break
1145-1230 Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Cyber Security

Discussion points:
  • Why AI-enabled cybersecurity is increasingly necessary?
  • How organizations are benefitting from AI in cybersecurity?
  • Where organizations should focus their cybersecurity initiatives?
  • Building a roadmap for implementing AI in cybersecurity?
  • How AI can help organisation in quantifying cyber security risks?
Startup Conclave: Decoding the opportunities and challenges for techpreneurs (1145-1315)

Discussion points:
  • Support from government to increase the pool of high growth firms
  • Policies and regulations for newbies
  • Data, privacy and trust
  • Innovative product or service to suit new-age needs
  • Transition from founder to funder
  • Investment trends
FTTH Summit (1145-1315)
1230-1315 Cyber Espionage: The new trend that industries should worry about

Discussion points:
  • Nation-state cyber espionage
  • Current trends, tools and impacts
  • Recent incidences
  • Possible strategies and countermeasures
  • Effect on small businesses vs large business
1315-1400 Lunch & Exhibition Visit  
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